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Barks and Recreation: One Last Ride

Let A Puppy Rescue You.

In October a homeless and pregnant beagle found me while I was walking my two dogs around our farm. I invited her to live with us. In November she delivered eight adorable puppies. The puppies are now two months old, and ready to find forever-homes. I want to give everyone an update and flashback of their growth.

Below you will find important personality information for each puppy. If you are considering adoption, please read the puppy information so you can find a puppy that fits your lifestyle. You will also find three progress photos for each puppy; a photo at two weeks old, one month old, and two months old.

The Puppies: Information and Progress Photos

Andy Dwyer – ADOPTED

Born: Nov. 9, 6:38pm
Gender: Male
Andy Information: Andy is a very high-energy puppy. Andy is very playful, and he loves running and jumping over things. Andy loves water, and really enjoys taking baths. Andy would enjoy having room to run and play; indoors or outdoors. Andy would be the perfect life-long best friend and playmate.

Ron Swanson – ADOPTED

Born: Nov. 9, 7:39pm
Gender: Male
Ron Information: Ron is a very strong puppy and he loves playing. Ron would love to have an energetic playmate; human or dog. Ron really likes other dogs. Ron enjoys taking baths. Ron would be a loyal life-long best friend and companion.

Leslie Knope – ADOPTED

Born: Nov. 9, 7:51pm
Gender: Female
Leslie Information: Leslie is shy, loving, cuddly, and extremely appreciative. Leslie enjoys running and playing, but cuddling is her favorite. Leslie likes baths, and enjoys playing in running water. Leslie has had playdates with adult dogs, and really enjoyed it. Leslie would benefit from a home where she can live inside. Leslie would be a loving and emotionally supportive life-long best friend.

Ben Wyatt – ADOPTED

Born: Nov. 9, 8:00pm
Gender: Male
Ben Information: Ben is shy, calm, and very cuddly. Some things scare Ben, so he likes to take things slow and be cautious. Ben needs an emotionally supportive companion. Ben would benefit from a supportive and kind indoor environment. Ben would be an emotionally supportive and loving life-long best friend.

April Ludgate – ADOPTED

Born: Nov. 9, 8:10pm
Gender: Female
April Information: April is very sweet, fun, and playful. April is an extremely supportive puppy. April enjoys playing with balls that bounce. April does well with other dogs. April thinks baths are fun. April would like a home where she could live inside. April would be a supportive and fun-loving life-long best friend.

Tom Haverford – ADOPTED

Born: Nov. 9, 8:30pm
Gender: Male
Tom Update: Tom is a calm and extremely kind puppy. Tom loves food and really enjoys taking naps. Tom enjoys baths, and likes relaxing. Tom would enjoy a home where he could live inside. Tom would be an amazing intellectual companion and life-long best friend.

Donna Meagle – ADOPTED

Born: Nov. 9, 10:20pm
Gender: Female
Donna Information: Donna is kind, cuddly, and playful. Donna is small but she is tough and compassionate. Donna thinks baths are fun. Donna would enjoy living inside, and her small size would make her the perfect indoor dog. Donna would make a caring and considerate life-long best friend.

Chris Traeger – ADOPTED

Born: Nov. 9, 10:26pm
Gender: Male
Chris Update: Chris is kind, very sweet, and extremely special. Chris is small but very strong, and brave. Chris requires an owner that can give him the love, support, and attention he deserves. Chris needs a gentle touch, but he absolutely loves playing. Chris would be a wonderful inside dog, and he requires a home where he can live inside. Chris would be an amazing emotional support companion and life-long best friend.

The Mother

Here is a delightful photo series of the mother dog; from the day I found her, till now. Many people have asked about the father dog: I don’t know anything about him. But the mother dog is kind, compassionate, and appreciative. Perhaps these photos will show you that.

The day she found me (October 2018)…

The day she found me. Me and her at her first veterinarian visit and ultrasound…


After one day together. She got a bath, a walk, and she finally wagged her tail…

Maternity photo shoot, a few days before delivery…

Several hours after delivery (November 2018)…


One week after delivery…

One week after delivery. She is a very loving and proud mother…


Two weeks after delivery…

Now, two months after delivery. Ready to find forever-homes for her puppies (January 2019).

The “Pawnee Pups”- Group Photos

The puppies at two weeks old…

The puppies at one month old…

The puppies now, at two months old.

Hello, My Name Is…

Many people have asked about the temporary names the puppies have. I wanted the puppies to have names during their time with me, so I named them after characters from Parks and Recreation. These names are temporary, and can be changed. The title of this blog post; “One Last Ride”, is an homage to the series finale title of Parks and Recreation. This is my series finale with these amazing puppies. I’ve sincerely loved getting to know these puppies, saying “goodbye” will be difficult, but I know they will spread joy to the humans that they rescue.

Curtain Call

If you are interested in adopting a puppy, please let me know. I will be starting the interview and meet-and-greet process on Saturday, January, 12th. I’m excited to see what human each puppy choses to rescue. 

If you want to read more about the puppies when they were newborns, please visit my previous post: Meet The Puppies. If you want to see more photos and read information about the puppies when they were one-month-old, please visit my post: Puppy Update.

Chris Traeger with my husband and I.
My husband and April Ludgate.
Me and Leslie Knope.

Sincerely, Uncustomary Housewife

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5 comments on “Barks and Recreation: One Last Ride

  1. Liked the pictures. Reminds me of my beagles They are great pets.

  2. My heart! I love them all! They are so precious and I wish I could adopt every one of them ❤️

  3. Sue perkins

    I would love to have two girls I lost mine to her getting run over by a car haven’t been able to get another I am ready for one now

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  5. I’m convinced! toooo cute!!!

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