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Barks and Recreation: Meet The Puppies

Last month I found a pregnant and homeless beagle while walking my two dogs around our farm, so I decided to bring her in. Two weeks ago she delivered eight healthy and absolutely adorable puppies. Below you will find photos and information for each puppy. Each puppy has been assigned a temporary “newborn name”; I named them after characters from Parks and Recreation, the TV show. Hopefully I will be able to find suitable and happy homes for them when the time comes.

Meet Andy Dwyer

Newborn Name: Andy Dwyer
Born: Nov. 9, 6:38pm
Gender: Male
Collar Color: Blue
Puppy Biography: Andy is kind, loyal, and very lovable. Andy enjoys karate and guitar music. Andy dislikes jerks and bullies.

Meet Ron Swanson

Newborn Name: Ron Swanson
Born: Nov. 9, 7:39pm
Gender: Male
Collar Color: Red
Puppy Biography: Ron is the alpha, and is the strongest of all the puppies. Ron loves food, and enjoys exploring the wilderness.

Meet Leslie Knope

Newborn Name: Leslie Knope
Born: Nov. 9, 7:51pm
Gender: Female
Collar Color: Green
Puppy Biography: Leslie is a natural-born leader. Leslie is kind, and always makes sure everyone feels included. Recently, Leslie planned and hosted a 1-week-old-Birthday-party for all the puppies. Leslie loves being outdoors, and really enjoys spending time in parks.

Meet Ben Wyatt

Newborn Name: Ben Wyatt
Born: Nov. 9, 8:00pm
Gender: Male
Collar Color: White
Puppy Biography: Ben enjoys writing Star Trek fan fiction and playing board games. Ben is very good with numbers, and helps keep records for all the other puppies. Ben is very kind and considerate to everyone.

Meet April Ludgate

Newborn Name: April Ludgate
Born: Nov. 9, 8:10pm
Gender: Female
Collar Color: Orange
Puppy Biography: April is beautiful, intelligent, and independent. Yet, April is fiercely loyal to her pack. To know April is to love her.

Meet Tom Haverford

Newborn Name: Tom Haverford
Born: Nov. 9, 8:30pm
Gender: Male
Collar Color: Brown
Puppy Biography: Tom is fun to be around, and he is always up-to-date on the coolest trends. Tom aspires to own and operate his own Restaurant/Bistro one day.

Meet Donna Meagle

Newborn Name: Donna Meagle
Born: Nov. 9, 10:20pm
Gender: Female
Collar Color: Purple
Puppy Biography: Donna enjoys the finer things in life. Donna loves herself, and requires that she be treated with love and respect. Donna is a diva in the best possible way.

Meet Chris Traeger

Newborn Name: Chris Traeger
Born: Nov. 9, 10:26pm
Gender: Male
Collar Color: Black
Puppy Biography: Chris was born the runt of the group. Chris experienced health complications early in life, and had to be put on a special diet. Nevertheless, Chris has the best attitude. Daily, Chris works hard to become the very best version of himself. Chris is *literally* living his very best life.

Meet the Mother

Momma dog is doing great, and she is loving motherhood. She is sweet, kind, well-behaved, and has every quality someone would want in a dog… Originally, I had planned to foster her while she cared for her puppies, then find a suitable home for her when the time came. But, honestly, we’ve grown very close, and I might have trouble parting with her…

The “Pawnee Pups” – Group Photos

From Left-to-Right: Andy Dwyer (blue), Leslie Knope (green), Ron Swanson (red), Ben Wyatt (white), Chris Traeger (black), April Ludgate (orange), Donna Meagle (purple), Tom Haverford (brown).


From Left-to-Right: Andy Dwyer (blue), Leslie Knope (green), Ron Swanson (red), Ben Wyatt (white), Chris Traeger (black), April Ludgate (orange), Donna Meagle (purple), Tom Haverford (brown).

The “Pawnee Pups” with Momma Dog.


Curtain Call

This entire process has been very fun, and absolutely delightful. I will post more updates as time passes. If you are interested in adopting a puppy, please let me know.

Sincerely, Uncustomary Housewife

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36 comments on “Barks and Recreation: Meet The Puppies

  1. A dose of cuteness much needed on a Sunday night!

  2. Moma is beagle. Din’t think Dad was.

  3. So adorable and I can’t say enough good things about you caring enough to rescue mom and, ultimately, her puppies! So wonderful! I love Parks and Rec so great choice on the names, too. 🙂

  4. What a bunch of cuties.

  5. Sonja- Too Much Character

    Eeeek! Your name choices and descriptions are delightful!

  6. Omg they are SOOOOO cute!! Can’t wait to see what they grow up looking like.

  7. Yep, this one gets the cute blog post award if there is one!

  8. This is so, so PRECIOUS! Absolutely cutest post I’ve seen!

  9. THIS IS THE BEST. I CAN’T COPE!!! If we were in the same country, I would have to have at least one of these, if only for their names.

  10. This is thebest thing I wil see all day! Bless you for taking care of these puppers and their bios and names and love. OH MAN I want! What sweet baby angels!I wouldn’t change the names either! First and last name. (but also I have three cats with old people names- jack, josie and dave) I hope you vet the hell out of people wanting to adopt these precious beans!

  11. So cute!! They are adorable! I have a small Shih Tzu and it is amazing being a mom to my baby puppy!

    Ann Marie Ruby |

  12. Fiona Jackson

    They are adorable! What a fun post.

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  14. Betty Luxmore

    I love your heart for animals. I just love your heart on everything! Be well and keep joy within you always.

  15. Thank you for taking in and caring for this mama when she needed you most.

  16. Aren’t they precious! I hope you are able to find them good homes. 🙂

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  18. They’re all so cute! Kinda funny they have the same color.

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  20. OMG the puppies are absolutely adorable , just like their momma!

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