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Barks and Recreation: Puppy Update

In October I rescued a pregnant and homeless beagle that I found while walking my two dogs around our farm. On November 9th she delivered eight healthy and absolutely adorable puppies. The puppies are now a month old, so I want to give everyone an update. Below you will find updated photos and information for each puppy. If you want to see photos of the puppies at two-weeks-old and read their newborn information, please visit my previous post: Meet The Puppies.

Each puppy has been assigned a temporary “newborn name”; I named them after characters from Parks and Recreation, the TV show. Hopefully I will be able to find suitable and happy homes for them when the time comes.

Update on Andy Dwyer

Newborn Name: Andy Dwyer
Born: Nov. 9, 6:38pm
Gender: Male
Collar Color: Blue
Andy Update: Andy loves listening to music. Andy is very playful, and he loves running and jumping over things. Andy would be the perfect life-long best friend and playmate.

Update on Ron Swanson

Newborn Name: Ron Swanson
Born: Nov. 9, 7:39pm
Gender: Male
Collar Color: Red
Ron Update: Ron is very strong. Ron was the first puppy to walk, run, and jump. Ron would be a loyal life-long best friend and companion.


Update on Leslie Knope

Newborn Name: Leslie Knope
Born: Nov. 9, 7:51pm
Gender: Female
Collar Color: Green
Leslie Update: Leslie is shy, but very loving. Leslie is cuddly and extremely appreciative. Leslie would be a loving and supportive life-long best friend.


Update on Ben Wyatt

Newborn Name: Ben Wyatt
Born: Nov. 9, 8:00pm
Gender: Male
Collar Color: White
Ben Update: Ben is extremely cuddly. Ben was one of the first puppies to try solid food, and he absolutely loved it. Ben is good at sharing, and he is very considerate. Ben would be an emotionally supportive life-long best friend.

Update on April Ludgate

Newborn Name: April Ludgate
Born: Nov. 9, 8:10pm
Gender: Female
Collar Color: Orange
April Update: April is fun and playful. April was the first puppy to show an interest in toys, and she loves playing with balls that bounce. April is energetic and very lovable. April would be a fun and loving life-long best friend.

Update on Tom Haverford

Newborn Name: Tom Haverford
Born: Nov. 9, 8:30pm
Gender: Male
Collar Color: Brown
Tom Update: Tom is a very calm puppy. Tom loves food and naps. Tom would be an amazing intellectual companion and life-long best friend.


Update on Donna Meagle

Newborn Name: Donna Meagle
Born: Nov. 9, 10:20pm
Gender: Female
Collar Color: Purple
Donna Update: Donna is kind, cuddly, and playful. Donna is the smallest girl, but is tough and compassionate. Donna would make a caring and considerate life-long best friend.

Update on Chris Traeger

Newborn Name: Chris Traeger
Born: Nov. 9, 10:26pm
Gender: Male
Collar Color: Black
Chris Update: Chris is a happy, cuddly, and appreciative puppy. After being on a special diet, Chris now eats the same diet as he other puppies; a combination of solid food and mother’s milk. Chris is strong and fun. Chris is a very fast runner. Chris would be an amazing emotional support companion and life-long best friend.

Update on Pawnee – the Mother

Pawnee is doing great, and she is loving motherhood. Pawnee is sweet, kind, well-behaved, and has every quality someone would want in a dog… She is young, eager, and almost ready to find a loving forever home.

The “Pawnee Pups” – Group Photos

From Left to Right: Donna (Purple), Ron (Red), Tom (Brown), Chris (Black), Ben (White), April (Orange), Andy (Blue), Leslie (Green).

From Left to Right: Donna (Purple), Ron (Red), Tom (Brown), Chris (Black), Ben (White), April (Orange), Andy (Blue), Leslie (Green).

From Left to Right: Donna (Purple), Ron (Red), Tom (Brown), Chris (Black), Ben (White), April (Orange), Andy (Blue), Leslie (Green)

Curtain Call

This entire process has been very fun, and absolutely delightful. I will post more updates as time passes. If you are interested in adopting a puppy, please let me know. If you want to see photos of the puppies at two-weeks-old and read their newborn information, please visit my previous post: Barks and Recreation: Meet The Puppies.

Now, it is nap time.

Sincerely, Uncustomary Housewife

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Me and Leslie Knope. 


17 comments on “Barks and Recreation: Puppy Update

  1. Fiona Jackson

    I’m in love with all of them!

  2. Oh my, those eyes! They are all adorable!!!
    Thank you for saving them and hope you find suitable homes for them.

  3. Oh my gosh – adorableness overload! They are all amazing. And so are you, for rescuing them!

  4. Tish Clark


  5. Oh they are absolutely adorable. It was a very brave and kind thing that you did. You are fantastic a person.

  6. Pawnee and her adorable pups are lucky to have you.

  7. Good looking little pups. I got two beagles pups when I was nine. Really loved and enjoyed them.

  8. Oh my gosh! They are so darling and they each have their own personalities 😭💕

  9. rackinghorse

    I would love all of them, but I think my pick would be Chris. He looks like the runt ! I wish I could take one, but I have 4 dogs in my house now !

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