Suicide Squad: Smiley Faces and Many Easter Eggs

Spoilers and Many Easter Eggs– with a list of additional Easter Eggs at the end of the post:

So, anyone who has seen a few Suicide Squad trailers will know about the “We’re bad guys, it’s what we do” scene where Harley Quinn delivers her Good Night bat into a shop window to steal a purse. What the trailers don’t show you is what happens next… *Spoiler Alert*… Deadshot walks up to a clothing shop window and stares at a child’s jacket, obviously thinking about his daughter. In this moment, a lot of viewers might think; “man, that’s sad, he misses his daughter” or “awww, he wants to get that jacket for his daughter”. But if you get past Floyd’s adorable daughter you might just notice an Easter Egg; the huge yellow smiley face behind the clothing display that Deadshot is looking at. It closely resembles the Comedian’s badge (Eddie Blake) from the Watchmen. (For those of you who don’t know, the smiley face is on the cover of Watchmen Vol. 1 #1.)

The Watchmen badge, however, has a bloodstain, which (from what I could tell) wasn’t on Deadshot’s display window smiley face… But some fan interpretations of the stain would make this theory even more likely… In Suicide Squad the SKWAD is marching to stop the end of the world… Some Watchmen theories state that the blood on the smiley face represents a clock’s minute hand, pointing to “12 minutes to the hour particularly in an implied connection to the Doomsday Clock, which represents how close the world is to catastrophic destruction” (Watchmen Wiki).

This wouldn’t be the first time a DC movie gives a nod to the Watchmen — Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition is one example– Point of Geeks explained it well;

The End is Nigh


It’s already been discovered that “The End is Nigh” was spray painted on a billboard in Gotham in the film. However, there was another Easter Egg in the Ultimate Edition that was an ever bigger wink to Watchmen fans. In an added scene in the Ultimate Edition, Clark Kent is investigating recent news stories about the Batman, who has grown increasingly violent and disturbing. One of the articles that is briefly flashed on screen includes this quote: “Batman is acting as judge, jury, and executioner and the GCPD seems to be complicit. If GCPD endorses vigilantes as our city’s watchmen, who watches the watchmen?” (Source: Point of Geeks, Movie Pilot)

So, what does all this mean, is it a shot in the dark—a “Deadshot” in the dark, perhaps? Ha ha.

There are so many more Easter Eggs in Suicide Squad, here are a few;

  1. Who killed Robin; was it Mr. J or Harley Quinn? Did anyone get a good look at Harley’s description (when all of the text was on the screen– it moved so fast)?
  2. Bruce Wayne’s strong “shut it down” statement in the mid-credits scene. What does this say for the  future of the SKWAD when the Justice League gets together?
  3. Baby Clothes; when Mr. J lays down in his huge circle of weapons you might notice that there are baby clothes to the outside of the circle. Harley Quinn fans will know that she is a mother in some versions of the story. Not to mention Harley’s beautifully heartbreaking Enchantress vision.
  4. Arkham Asylum, which may not be an Easter Egg (because it was so obvious) but it was still really cool.
  5. Jonny Frost — Joker’s right hand man (who I got to meet at ScareFest back when he was in TrueBlood–he was awesome).
  6. The Flash shown in Captain Boomerang’s flashback, and in the mid-credits scene. We have also seen The Flash in Justice League trailers.
  7. Aquaman in the mid-credits scene. We have also seen Aquaman in Justice League trailers, and don’t forget that awesome underwater scene in Batman v Superman.
  8. Also, the Enchantress was in Bruce Wayne’s file in the mid-credits scene; will she be back?
  9. Midway City; home of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
  10. A.R.G.U.S., led by Amanda Waller, which may be supplying resources to the Justice League in their upcoming movie. (A.R.G.U.S.= Armed Revolutionaries Governing Under Secrecy or Anonymous Ranger Group of the United States)
  11. Ace Chemicals; shown in the crazy and awesome “die for me/live for me” scene between Mr. J and the new Harley Quinn.
  12. And possibly my favorite; Harley Quinn’s Jester Suit in her flashback sequence.

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Suicide Squad and the Number 23 *Spoiler Alerts* 

So, I’ve seen Suicide Squad twice now, and something is stuck in my head that I can’t quite wrap my mind around. The number 23. I noticed it several times. Just a few examples; 23 was on the side of Amanda Waller’s helicopter, and it was on the Joker’s extraction team jackets (C23, actually). I might be thinking too much into it, but does it mean something?

Could it be referring to the home universe of Superman; Earth 23? 

Could it be Suicide Squad Comic #23; where the “true nature of Waller’s new deal with the team is revealed!” 

Could it be to honor Lorenzo Semple Jr., creator of the Adam West Batman TV series. He was born in 1923. 

Maybe a shoutout to Mike Sekowsky, comic book artist for the Justice League and Wonder Woman. He was also born in 1923. 

It’s not the first comic appearance of the Suicide Squad, because that was ‘The Brave and the Bold #25’ in 1959. It also isn’t related to the modern/second version ‘Legends #3’ from 1987 (“Send for… the Suicide Squad.”) So that theory doesn’t check out.  

Maybe I’m seeing something that isn’t really there, perhaps it’s the Enchantress playing tricks on me. But seriously, what do you think?  

**This featured photo (“23 helicopter”) was originally posted to Flickr by False Positives. 

Batman Birthday Party!

NA NA NA NA Batman! So, I’m a 29-year-old child. What caused this? Have I spent too much time under a red star, maybe I was around too much chlorophyll as a child, or perhaps I inhaled some heavy water vapor along the way — If you know DC Comics you’ll know that I was referencing Superman, Poison Ivy, and The Flash — If you aren’t familiar with DC Comics, then you probably think I’m weird, crazy, or out of touch with reality… Well, maybe I am, but I prefer the term “geek”.

Holy Birthday Batman!! Anyway, I threw myself a Batman Birthday Party last night… Yea, you read that right. I’m 29. I wanted a Batman Birthday Party. A fully themed Batman Birthday Party. Don’t judge. Enjoy the pictures.

However, a few of my favorite DC characters weren’t represented; Alfred Pennyworth, for example. That’ll just give me a reason have another Batman party in the future. Of course, I could stage a Flashpoint Paradox, go back in time, and put a bow tie on a bottle of sparkling water… But as we all know, time travel doesn’t always go as planned.

So, geek out, party on, and remember the words of Batman; “A hero can be anyone!”… Now get out there and be a hero.

Harley Quinn’s Jester Suit: Will it be in Suicide Squad?

This is for the geeks that have been concerned about animation-to-live-action adaptations and the absence of Harley Quinn’s Jester Suit in Suicide Squad (and I say “geek” as a term of true endearment; as I, too, file myself into that category). Nevertheless, it seems that since her 1992 debut in “Joker’s Favor” people everywhere have been hooked on Harley Quinn.

Okay, Puddin’, let’s get to business…. Pictured are screen shots of some Suicide Squad B-Roll footage.

HQ Jester 1HQ Jester 2

In the main scene pictured Harley pulls out the Jester Suit, hugs it, then throws it aside and selects the blue and red hot pants. In another scene (of Mr. J) you can see Harley’s Jester Suit on a mannequin to the side of the shot, complete with a blonde wig.

I love and appreciate all of the different looks Harley has donned over the years; we’ve seen Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D., psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum wearing sophisticated glasses and a white coat… Some people might remember her in Amazonian attire… Also, do you remember the time Harley and Poison Ivy were folk singers, who were produced by Lex Luthor? And of course, the look we know and love — the famous Jester Suit… Which has also changed over time. Whatever situation Harley finds herself in it seems that her outfit always ‘suits’ the occasion, indeed.

HQ Comic 1

However, I do love the Suicide Squad look. You can find the proof in the photos below…

Harley Quinn Costume 1Harley Quinn Costume 2

We may not all agree on her Suicide Squad attire– but from gymnast and school girl at Gotham City University, to psychotic Joker crazed devotee, we can all agree on one thing; Harley Quinn is awesome!

So, what’s your favorite Harley look? (Go ahead, geek out, it’ll be good for you!)

–> Huge shout-out to Jashan Boparai for posting the B-Roll footage. Also, check out this MTV News article to see more shots of Harley’s Jester Suit in Suicide Squad.


If You Post About It, Pray About It. #PrayWhatYouPost

Okay, let’s all be honest with each other…. This is a sensitive subject, so I’m just gonna get straight to the point.

First question: how many of you have posted a “Pray for _______” status on social media? Like a “Pray for Orlando” or a “#PrayForParis” type post? My guess is that probably a lot of you have.

Second Question: how many of you actually prayed for the thing you posted about? My guess is, sadly, not all of you.

Contrary to popular belief, posting a status with the hashtag “#PrayFor” does not send an urgent memo to God… You actually have to pray! So, get down on your knees, sit on your bed, pause before dinner, do it standing up, do it sitting down, do it out loud, do it silently, JUST DO IT!

I am, by no means, asking you to stop posting “PrayFor” statuses, tweets, instas, snaps, etc… I am glad that people are thinking about prayer in this extreme time of difficulty… I am, however, demanding that you actually consider praying for what you are posting about.

Our country, and our world, needs a lot right now– but that’s a different blog post, entirely. But for now, I’ll leave you with this; prayer is a powerful thing. It can change lives. Try it.

Much Love, The Uncustomary Housewife

Are any of you suffering hardships? You should pray. Are any of you happy? You should sing praises.” -James 5:13

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers.” -Ephesians 6:18

Never stop praying.” -1 Thessalonians 5:17



Travel: Things You Lose. Things You Find. Things You Pack. Things You Leave Behind. 

Travel is a worthwhile adventure — an invaluable expedition. Things experienced can leave one speechless, yet transform them into a Walt Disney-like storyteller once they return home. 

Traveling often teaches one to pack light; to leave at home your fears, ego, and preconceived ideas. 

If you are lucky, you may even lose some things on your travels; some prejudices, some skepticism, or maybe even some anxiety. 

And, in losing these things, you might find others; you find appreciation, perspective, imagination, and understanding. 

Monetary wealth isn’t a requirement for travel. Some trips are inexpensive… light on the pockets, per se…, while others can be as heavy as an elephant on an airplane — After a few Broadway shows and a night out on the town you can find yourself flat broke. So you board your pre-scheduled flight and head home… but regardless of how much moolah you spent, you return home rich beyond measure. Rich with experience. 

However, all the money in the world won’t truly benefit you if you travel with a closed mind, with rude intolerance, or with prejudices. Because regardless of country, color, belief, or orientation we are all born naked and vulnerable, we grow, we laugh, we cry, we hope, we fear, and if we’re lucky we love, but in the end we all die. 

The one thing you should always leave at home when traveling is hate. Unpack all your hate, leave it behind, and hope that you never find it again. 

That just goes to show, when you travel there are the things you lose, the things you find, the things you meant to pack, and the stuff you learn to leave behind.

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Blog Prompt: Things We Leave Behind

A Youth Made of Burrs and Dirt

When I was young wild horses couldn’t drag me out of the woods. My dog and I would go in the hills with only the sun to tell us what time it was. We would run to the sound of leaves and twigs crunching under our feet, climb up cave walls, and nap in the shade provided ever so lovingly by the trees– To us thick moss and pine needles were more welcoming than a king size bed.

During Spring we would sit under the Dogwood trees and watch the tadpoles swim, by Summer we were swimming ourselves, come Winter we would climb as high as we could and sled down, when the Fall rolled in we would snack on pawpaws and watch the leaves change. And that was my youth.

The sun would set, the moon would illuminate the crisp country sky, and we would emerge from the woods victorious; and you could bet the farm that we would be covered in burrs and dirt.

As I’ve grown older I’ve lost touch with nature. But over the past few days I’ve spent some time in the hills, reconnecting. It’s nice to be back, and just in time for Earth Day.

There is something about walking up a Kentucky hillside that just makes sense.  

Daily Prompt: Earth  Happy Earth Day!