Housewife Confessions

I didn’t want to get married, but then I climbed.

“Raise your hand if you plan to never get married.” On a Monday morning my college sociology professor walked into the classroom and started his lecture with that statement.

Out of thirty students in the class only two raised their hand—I was one of them.

“19-year-old me” put her hand in the air, and when my professor asked “why?” I replied, “I don’t see myself being a wife. I can accomplish everything I want to accomplish on my own. I don’t need anyone.”

I wanted to climb the mountain of life alone; I didn’t want to be contained, I wanted to battle the tempest storms of life on a solo adventure. I wanted to make it to the top of the mountain, look behind me, and know that I did it on my own.

Now, let’s jump forward 8 years; I’m in an adventure called marriage with a wonderful man. We climb the mountain together. Everyday, we wake up, and we climb; sometimes there are storms—but we are together. Sometimes we get lost—but we are together. Some days the climb is like a rollercoaster, and others it’s like a sweet lullaby—and we are always climbing together.

I believed that I didn’t need anyone—and I don’t like to admit it when I’m wrong—but I was wrong. I need him to make it up the mountain. To love him is to need him…. And with him, the mountain looks like a grain of sand.

Wedding Kiss

1 comment on “I didn’t want to get married, but then I climbed.

  1. This is an awesome piece of literature. Keep writing and share your life with others, as you are a gifted writer.

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