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The Thing Unbroken

You can break a promise. Break a bone. Break a record. You can even breakdance. But there is one thing you can’t break, and that’s my spirit.

We have cardiovascular, neurological, pulmonary, and renal functions that keep us alive. However, there is one thing unaccounted for in most medical books—the human spirit.

Life gets tough sometimes. Curve balls are thrown, and we have to learn how to swerve. But sometimes the metaphorical baseball hits us right in the side of the head—and that’s where human spirit comes in. We have to get up and keep moving forward.

Some would call it grit— getting back up and moving forward when our hearts are broken, bodies are beaten, and brains are exhausted… When all seems lost we have the grit of human spirit to keep us going.

The grit of human spirit helped Louis Zamperini survive WWII, I bet it helped Martin Luther King Jr. write the “I have a dream” speech, and it has helped me keep moving every time I get hit with a metaphorical fast pitch.

Be unbreakable.

great wall

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3 comments on “The Thing Unbroken

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  2. Go, You! Love the photo!

  3. Fallon Kilgore

    Very inspiring, and beautiful. W
    ell said!

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