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Travel: Things You Lose. Things You Find. Things You Pack. Things You Leave Behind. 

Travel is a worthwhile adventure — an invaluable expedition. Things experienced can leave one speechless, yet transform them into a Walt Disney-like storyteller once they return home.

Traveling often teaches one to pack light; to leave at home your fears, ego, and preconceived ideas.

If you are lucky, you may even lose some things on your travels; some prejudices, some skepticism, or maybe even some anxiety.

And, in losing these things, you might find others; you find appreciation, perspective, imagination, and understanding.

Monetary wealth isn’t a requirement for travel. Some trips are inexpensive… light on the pockets, per se…, while others can be as heavy as an elephant on an airplane — After a few Broadway shows and a night out on the town you can find yourself flat broke. So you board your pre-scheduled flight and head home… but regardless of how much moolah you spent, you return home rich beyond measure. Rich with experience.

However, all the money in the world won’t truly benefit you if you travel with a closed mind, with rude intolerance, or with prejudices. Because regardless of country, color, belief, or orientation we are all born naked and vulnerable, we grow, we laugh, we cry, we hope, we fear, and if we’re lucky we love, but in the end we all die.

The one thing you should always leave at home when traveling is hate. Unpack all your hate, leave it behind, and hope that you never find it again.

That just goes to show, when you travel there are the things you lose, the things you find, the things you meant to pack, and the stuff you learn to leave behind.


2 comments on “Travel: Things You Lose. Things You Find. Things You Pack. Things You Leave Behind. 

  1. Nice post! Seems like fun 🙂

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