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Symmetry is a Teeter-Totter of Love

Today, the daily prompt asked “what does symmetry mean to you?”… and my marriage was the first thing that came to mind.

Webster can give you the textbook definition of the term “symmetry”… and no offense to Mr. Webster, but I’m going to venture onto a different path.

My husband and I, we are symmetrical.

We even each other out, like a teeter-totter that doesn’t teeter or totter. Picture it, a perfectly still and symmetrical teeter-totter… One that isn’t bothered by busy movement or competition.

Of course, with a little push, one side of a teeter-totter has the power to rise above the other, but in doing so it would make the other side fall. Back-and-forth and up-and-down it could go, exchanging power from side-to-side. Almost like a repetitive argument that no one can win. My husband and I are not this type of teeter-totter.

We are a perfectly still and even teeter-totter. No one has the upper hand. We are equals, symmetrical in power and authority. We understand that there is no true winner in a fight, and the only loser in a fight is the marriage.

We aren’t the same person, we aren’t exactly alike, and we have different interests… but we have one important symmetrical attribute, we love each other with all we have. Equal, symmetrical, lifelong love.


4 comments on “Symmetry is a Teeter-Totter of Love

  1. nira Jo Branham

    That’s so sweet, sounds like a great relationship !

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