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Symmetrical Violation

Photo Prompt: Symmetry This week, share an image of symmetry.

Void of precise terms of display or reason.
A parking spot disruption conundrum.
Would you notice this asymmetrical accident?
Would you pause for a second to admire the irony?
I did.
It’s the little things.


6 comments on “Symmetrical Violation

  1. Ha! Love it, well spotted!

  2. This is the type of thing that would drive me bonkers if I saw it on the street. If it were something I’d repeatedly walk by, I’d have to “fix” it.

    • I don’t see it every day, I’ve only seen it once actually. Everyday would drive me bonkers… but just seeing it once was a fun experience… I had a nice giggle. Maybe it really is the small things.

  3. Very observant ! 😀
    Nice click !! 🙂

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