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Yellow Paint and a First Dance

I don’t necessarily dislike the color yellow… My favorite color is forest green, followed by American red, then Kentucky blue. But today’s writing prompt is about “yellow”… so here goes.

A married couple’s first dance always gets a spot in the memory book. Most newlyweds have their first dance in front of an ice sculpture, wedding cake, or a beautifully decorated master table. A romantic setting for a perfect moment in time.

My husband and I went in a different direction. We had our first dance in front of a hand painted hotdog stand.

We danced to a live blues band, drank from mason jars, and ate hotdogs all night… Perhaps it wasn’t romantic, but it was perfect.

hotdog 3hotdog 2hotdog

4 comments on “Yellow Paint and a First Dance

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  2. You must be a Southern gal! I love the title of this post. Great yellow.

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