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Chinese Ribbons Make a Minimalist

There is no such thing as a free lunch, the glass is either half-empty or half-full, keep up with the Jonses’, the bigger the better… Embellished. Ornate. Lavish. Outlandish.

It seems that there is no room left for the minimalist in today’s society… But in the middle of Beijing, China; the most unlikely place– I found the perfect minimalist.
A middle-aged Asian women, a beautiful smile, dancing with a dazzling lime green ribbon.


We approached her. She stopped dancing. Offered us the ribbon. And we danced.
We forgot that we had walked miles that day, our achy backs and swollen feet drifted out of our minds.
When we finished dancing, happy and out of breath, we reached into our pockets to pay her (because everything costs something, right?) but she said “no”, smiled a sincere smile, took back the ribbon, and started dancing again.
She was a simple woman, in a park, letting people ribbon dance… for free.


3 comments on “Chinese Ribbons Make a Minimalist

  1. beautiful photograph of this ribbon dancer.
    you see things like this all over china and it never ceases to bring a smile on my face

    people dancing for the sheer love of it, in parks, apartment complexes, public squares…

    thanks for this post


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