A Beijing Fish Market

Focal Points, A Beijing Fish Market: I spent part of my summer in Beijing China at their University of Agriculture. On this day, in particular, I went on a walk with a Chinese student which led me to a Chinese Fish Market. This consisted of a 50 meter long street which was insanely busy with buyers, sellers and fish tanks. It was a hot, and humid, day. This woman in particular was cutting off fish heads. As you can tell, the norms for food preparation in China vary from American norms. As this was one of my first days in China I was taken aback initially, but quickly grew accustomed to it– you know what they say “When in Rome…”

I was interested to find out that her, and her family of 6, lived in what my friend called ” their fish hut” (as you can see, their laundry is hanging to dry behind her). I found later that most business families in Bei Nong Beijing live inside their places of business. This was a particularly interesting excursion.

The focal point for me in this photo is the expression on the lady’s face.




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