The Beijing Subway Artist

Weekly Photo Challenge:  I met this man on the steps of a subway station in Beijing, China. What initially drew me to him was the beautiful drawings he had displayed on the walkway in front of him. Very soon, upon approaching him, I noticed his condition. He knew very little English, and at the time I spoke very little Mandarin. We could communicate enough for him to explain to me that his drawings were 60 Chinese dollars ($8 American), he was very polite and patient. I had several excursions planned this day, and could not carry one of his drawings with me; however, since he was a good sport about me taking a photograph of him, and did his best at communicating with me, I handed him 100 Chinese dollars ($15 American). He replied by thanking me graciously, (“Xie, Xie, Miss, Xie, Xie”). $15 dollars doesn’t seem like much to an American, such as myself, but it seemed to make this talented man’s day. Of all of the street drawers I encountered in China, he was by far one of the most talented, and most interesting.




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