Guest Post on The Frozen Mind: Power in the Story

Jen at The Frozen Mind Blog was kind enough to publish a guest post written by me. I’m absolutely delighted to be a part of The Frozen Mind’s Power in the Story series. This is my first ever guest post… so I’m very excited to venture into a new stage of blogging. Below you can find a small excerpt from my guest post on The Frozen Mind. I really hope you’ll visit Jen’s blog to read the complete post…

Power in the Story: Elizabeth from The Uncustomary Housewife

By: Jen – The Frozen Mind Blog

This week, my Power in the Story featured blogger is someone that I just “clicked” with instantly. Elizabeth’s friendly and kind personality is infectious and her capacity to care for others is phenomenal. The Uncustomary Housewife is a blog that features her journey with Mental Illness and her role as a housewife. She does this with a unique flair that is fun and entertaining. Her Blog has also been awarded the prestigious Top 100 Housewife Blogs on the Web Award!

Elizabeth hopes that her blog will inspire kindness and happiness while helping readers realize that they are not alone. In my opinion, her blog does that and more! I am positive that you will see that there is Power in the Story that she has to tell!

Power in the Story: Rebuilding

My story…

Image Created by The Frozen Mind.

For this post, I was prompted to discuss “something I’ve gone through, or something I’m going through”. Frankly, I have a lot to pick from. I’ve experienced a lot during my short 31 years, although you would never guess it by looking at me. From the outside looking in my life seems flawless; I’m married to a doctor, I’m a homeowner, I have pets, and I travel to a lot of cool places. My life seems perfect, key word: “seems”. Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful life, and I’m aware that I’m very fortunate. But my life isn’t as perfect as it seems; I struggle with mental illness… I mean, I really struggle with mental illness. I have Bipolar Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and I’m often a prisoner to severe depression and social anxiety.

So, I’m not lacking in the “stories of things I’ve overcame” department. But today, instead of picking a solo event, I’m picking a concept: for the longest time, I haven’t felt worthy. Today, I want to talk about the process of rebuilding yourself, after you’ve fallen…

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5 comments on “Guest Post on The Frozen Mind: Power in the Story

  1. sharonschwartz2018

    I think you’re awesome and you are worthy. I enjoy reading your posts because they are magnetic and intelligent and inspiring!!  When God looks at you He sees perfection, holiness, worthiness, pleasure and His beloved. He sees Jesus in you and with that He is pleased! I pray you will find strength in this area! I struggle with that sometimes, too. We are a work in progress, but I am nothing like I used to be in this area. God really showed me how I was lip syncing my redemption. I was writing poetry and books with words of redemption, but I hadn’t truly embraced that Truth in my heart fully. It’s amazing how I see that so clearly now. 

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  2. The pleasure was all mine! I enjoyed working with you!

  3. I read the guest post and I could feel so much of it resonating within me. I love the honesty that your blog has and your posts are the ones I sincerely look forward to. I’m a silent reader most of the times.. but I really, really like your posts. I pray that every single day of your life is filled with meaning and peace. I hope you know how much you inspire people all across the globe.

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