From China to America in 5 Minutes

I’m on the 5th hour of a 13-hour flight from China to America… and I have writer’s block. I would love to write a series of thought-provoking posts about my travels, but inspiration betrays me at the moment.

I’m currently in a “time change Twilight Zone”. A 12-hour time hop. In Beijing it’s 9:17pm on Saturday night… and in Kentucky it’s 9:17am on Saturday morning. So, I’m flying back in time… Well, sorta… It’s like a time change vortex. A black hole.

My United Airlines ticket lists my departure time from Beijing as 4:10pm on October 25th, and my arrival to Columbus as 4:15pm on October 25th. The same day, 5 MINUTES APART… *mind blown*.

It takes approximately 30 hours to get from America to China and back to America. My amazing husband bought me some interesting books for the flight, but at the moment all I want to do is watch a 6th in-flight movie.

I’m currently 35,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean, and the movie “The Ides of March” is calling my name.

See you soon, Planet Earth.

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