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The First Time I Met My Husband’s Shoes

The first time I met my husband I was walking up the steps of my college apartment, it was approximately 11:00pm and I had just gotten off work at Bob Evans. Needless to say, after a full day of student-teaching and waiting tables I was exhausted.

My ‘husband’ was standing on the porch of my next-door neighbor’s apartment, knocking on the door (I later found out they were med students, meeting to study). Nevertheless, I was so tired that I didn’t even look up as I began to pass him. That’s when I noticed his chosen footwear, brown cowboy boots…

I opened my mouth, with the intention of introducing myself, but all I said was, “Nice boots.” I then disappeared into my apartment, slightly embarrassed at my loss for words…

After that I did what any reasonable girl would do… I found excuses to be on the porch when he was; my dog needed a walk, I wanted to make sure my headlights were off,
my dog needed a walk,
I left a book in my car,
and my dog needed a walk… again — I had the best exercised dog in the state.

Eventually we both built up the courage to engage in our first ‘official conversation’, and it was about cowboy boots.

We both wore cowboy boots to our wedding, and my dog walked, again… but this time, she walked down the aisle, as ‘our dog’.

boots weddingwedding

Daily Post Prompt – Prompt: “What’s your style?”

8 comments on “The First Time I Met My Husband’s Shoes

  1. You do have a good collection.

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