My Husband’s Favorite Picture

WHEN THE DOORS OPENED, and my music started playing, I looked down the isle at my groom. I didn’t see the 200 people standing in the chapel, smiling and snapping pictures. I didn’t see the beautiful decorations, which I had thought about tirelessly for weeks; not the flowers, not the lights, not the bows…. All I saw was him.

As I began to walk tears streamed down my face, tears I couldn’t stop… Tears of joy.

The next day, when I glanced at this photo I thought it was hideous, but it tells the story of that moment better than words can…. That’s why this is my husband’s favorite wedding picture.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy


  1. Very nice. I always focus on the groom’s face when that door opens, mainly because every other eye is focused on the sight entering that doorway. Hope you have that matching picture, but if you don’t it’s great that you know that this is your husband’s favourite photo!

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