The Noticing Beauty Challenge

How often do you notice the beauty that surrounds you daily? I’m challenging you to notice it.

The Noticing Beauty Challenge:

Life can be tough. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the badness. At times we tend to ignore the good because we are so focused on the bad. Fortunately for us, beauty surrounds us daily; we can see it, feel it, smell it, hear it, taste it, and/or experience it — but we often don’t slow down to notice it. I’m challenging you to notice the beauty that surrounds you daily.

Step 1: Notice Beauty.

Go about your day but take time to notice and appreciate the beauty that already surrounds you. Notice the beauty that often goes unnoticed.

Step 2: Share.

Tell us about the often unnoticed beauty that you noticed. Share how it impacted your day. Use the Uncustomary Housewife Beauty Challenge Hashtag: #UHBeautyChallenge. Tag me, the creator of this challenge. You can find me on WordPress (, Twitter (@UncustomaryHW), Instagram (@uncustomaryhousewife), and Facebook (@uncustomaryhousewife).

Step 3: Challenge Others.

Nominate 5 people to notice and share the beauty that surrounds them daily.

Step 4: Keep it Going.

Keep acknowledging beautiful things. Allow beautiful things to make your day better. This step can continue, forever. There is beauty everywhere you go. Practice noticing it.

A Note on Finding Beauty:

Everyone’s idea of beauty is different. There is no right or wrong answer. Simply slow down, pay attention, and acknowledge something that brings you joy; seeing a sleeping dog, smelling coffee, witnessing a random act of kindness, hearing a train horn, seeing a field of trees, hearing elevator music that calms you, seeing tall office buildings that line a city street, feeling fabric, smelling flowers. Beauty is everywhere. The goal is to allow yourself to notice the beauty that is already there. Notice it and let it make your day better.

I look forward to hearing from you. Remember to tag #UHBeautyChallenge so I can find your post, and tag me please.

Sincerely, Elizabeth Banks
The Uncustomary Housewife

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1 comment on “The Noticing Beauty Challenge

  1. I absolutely love this challenge. We all need to appreciate the beauty around us every day, but especially on those bad days. Can’t wait to start sharing the beauty I find.

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