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It’s December: a time for holiday cheer, so why am I so depressed? That’s a rhetorical question. Depression usually creeps in this time of year, and I spend the holiday season struggling with my mental health. That’s the way bipolar disorder and seasonal depression operates. December is typically a tough month for me. I find myself faking a lot of smiles, and forcing myself to attend social events that I don’t necessarily have the energy for. Because of this, I haven’t had the motivation to write new blog posts. Actually, I didn’t intend on writing a Christmas post… But one of my favorite bloggers; Fiona, from Like as the Waves, challenged me to answer these Christmas questions, so I’m gladly rising to the challenge…

Question: Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts?

Giving. Last year, I gave everyone a book (among other gifts). Selecting a fitting book for each person on my list was really, really fun. I sincerely prefer giving rather than receiving.

Question: Do you make and stick to New Year’s resolutions?

I made several resolutions last year, and stuck to them. My husband bought tickets to a Broadway play in NYC (Boys in the Band), and my resolution was to lose 50 pounds before the play; on May 5th. So, from January 1st through May 4th I didn’t drink alcohol, watched my diet, and lost 50 pounds. It was a big achievement. I might attempt to replicate the same type of resolution this year. I’m seeing Dear Evan Hansen on May 11th, so the timing will work out perfectly… if only I can get my motivation in line.

Question: Have you ever made a snowman?

Yes. I live in Kentucky (US), and we have very snow filled winters, and many snowman opportunities. I’ve also attempted snow-women and snow-animals.

Question: Is your Christmas tree real or fake, and what theme do you prefer?

I live on a farm, surround by real pine trees, but my indoor Christmas tree is artificial. My husband and I normally have a large artificial tree, but my mental health and motivation were lacking this year. I managed to decorate a very small and simple animal-themed tree.

Question: Most memorable holiday moment?

My most memorable holiday moment happened in March of 2012, in the aftermath of a tornado. You see, the Christmas of 2011 was the first I spent with my husband’s (Parker) family, although we were only dating at the time. Parker’s parents gave me four tickets to a Brad Paisley concert. The gift was a huge deal. It meant that Parker’s parents liked me, and planned on keeping me around; the concert wasn’t until March. A day before the concert a tornado hit my husband’s hometown. The aftermath of the tornado had everyone working around the clock to clear roads, help neighbors, and find lost pets… I had actually forgotten about the concert. Parker’s parents reminded us, and we all went together. I knew everyone was exhausted and depressed, and I knew that no one really felt like going to a concert. But, they took me anyway. On the way to the concert I remember my now mother-in-law saying, “it’s your Christmas gift, honey, we have to go…”. It’s odd, but it made me feel loved, remembered, and special. I mean, their town had been torn apart, my mother-in-law’s place of employment was completely gone, and the church roof had been torn off… but they were concerned about my Christmas gift. Through all the horribleness of the tornado, at the concert, we had fun.

Question: What holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year?

I love December film releases. December is normally a film rich month, and I love going to the cinema. So many phenomenal films are released in December. Last year Star Wars has ruled my December… However, this year it’s all about Aquaman!

Question: What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?

Would it be a cliché if I said Jesus? I mean, the birth of Jesus is the reason for Christmas. The birth of Jesus was God’s gift to the world. God loved us, so he sent us his Son. It’s the very best Christmas present.

Question: What are your favorite holiday foods?

My favorite holiday food consists of anything I can cook for someone else. I love making people smile with food. I love cooking for the holidays. From Homemade Cranberry Sauce, to Carrot Cake, and Decorated Sugar Cookies... I really love preparing food that makes people smile.

Feature Cut Carrot Cake

Question: What is your favorite Christmas film?

I’m a Christmas TV show kinda girl. Every Christmas season, I watch a marathon of my favorite Christmas-themed TV episodes. Here’s a couple shows on my list; The Festivus episode of Seinfeld (The Strike), The Flash (Running to Stand Still), a few episodes of  Parks and Recreation (Ron and Diane, and Citizen Knope), some Glee (A Very Glee Christmas, Extraordinary Mery Christmas, and Glee Actually), some Supernatural (A Very Supernatural Christmas)… and the list goes on, and on.


However, I sincerely loved Once Upon a Deadpool this year…

Question: What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

Christmas is tough for me, seasonal depression is real… and December is typically a tough month. So, I’m not particularly a fan of December. I find myself faking a lot of smiles, and forcing myself to attend social events that I don’t necessarily have the energy for. But, I love Jesus, and Jesus is the reason for Christmas — so, Jesus is absolutely my favorite part.

Question: What would be your dream place to visit at Christmas time?

I love being home for Christmas. But, if I had to travel I would pick New York City; it’s my absolute favorite place to travel anytime of year. I love Broadway.

Question: Who do you spend Christmas with?

Family, and it is always lovely. My husband and I normally visit two homes on Christmas Day. The first is his aunt’s house, about 5 minutes from our home. We eat dinner and celebrate with Parker’s family, and my dad. It’s always relaxed, welcoming, and fun.
The second is my mom and gran’s house, about an hour away from our home. We get to eat dinner, again… and celebrate more! We normally pick a dog to take with us every year, last year Daisy went. It’s the perfect way to end Christmas day…

Question: When do you start getting excited about Christmas?

Perhaps when my husband changes the fireplace horse photo; from an orange fall-colored horse to a white winter-colored horse.


It marks the transfer from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and it’s a fun family tradition.

Question: You have one Christmas wish – what will it be?

Several years ago I posted a fun and geeky wish-list to my blog, it still stands. You can see it here; A Geek’s Christmas Wish List. My wish for this year, however, is very self-oriented; I wish that I can love myself more, value myself more, and care for myself better. If I can accomplish these things it will help me and other people. If I can value myself more, and care for myself better, I might have more to offer other people; my husband, my church, my friends… I feel like, during 2018, I was emotionally exhausted all year. I wish for more peace of mind in 2019.

I Challenge:

I challenge the following bloggers to complete The Christmas Tag…

Tiffany from Love Always, Tiffany, Bri from Home Sweet Bri, Anja from The Calculating Mind, Jen from The Frozen Mind, Zoe from No Light Without Darkness, Ruth from Ruth in Revolt, Zara from ZaraLouU, Sarah from Insecure Housewife, Lynne from Awesomism Mom, Ross from Man Vs Adulthood.

Curtain Call:

Thank you to Fiona for tagging me in the challenge. It’s helping me get into the Christmas spirit. Seasonal depression is real, and tough… So I’m glad to have this welcomed distraction.

Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Uncustomary Housewife

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  1. Take a break and drink some hot tea now and then.
    Have a Good Christmas and New Year season.

  2. Loved this blog and the questions now I’m off to read a geeks Christmas list I’m curious!

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  4. It was fun to read this post. 🙂 I hope that you are having an amazing Christmas!

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