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My Depression During The Flash

I post about the symptoms of depression often, and tonight I want to give a real-life example. Two common symptoms of depression are difficulty in connectivity, and lack of enjoyment in things that are normally enjoyable. I’m experiencing both of these right now.

You see, a new episode of The Flash came on at 8:00pm. The Flash is one of my all-time favorite shows. I ALWAYS watch it in real-time. But, I’m currently sitting on the couch, where I’ve been all day, and I’m not watching it… I’m aware that The Flash is on, right now… but I can’t bring myself to care. I can’t motivate myself to get the remote control. And even if I did turn it on, I wouldn’t retain anything that I saw… I would be watching it in an absolute mental fog, and I wouldn’t enjoy it. This is depression. This is real. Knowing your favorite show is on, and not caring…

And you may be wondering; “If you’re so depressed, why are you posting this? How do you have the motivation?” Well, I’m aiming to help people, to educate people who don’t understand, and to show people like me that they aren’t alone. So, I wanted to throw a short post together, and get it out there… This is a small glimpse at depression.

Depression can be debilitating… if you are experiencing this, please remember: you are not alone.

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19 comments on “My Depression During The Flash

  1. I know what you mean about being disconnected. It is not a good feeling. And it is hard to explain.

  2. I can’t emphasize enough how much good you are doing with posts like these. You are giving good, everyday examples of what depression feels like, and that helps others to better understand it. You are expanding other’s understanding of the condition – and that helps us all. Thank you!

    And remember to be as gentle with yourself as you routinely are to others…

  3. As a counsellor and also as someone who has experienced this kind of depression, I just wanted to say I have felt like you, disconnected, in a bubble and not able to enjoy normal things. We can give ourselves such a hard time when we feel like this. Myself and many people I have seen, feel that they are weak and “Why cant I be strong like everyone else. Although “everyone else” aren’t necessarily strong people. Actually, it takes courage and strength to get up every morning when you feel like you do. Give yourself credit for this and be kind to yourself. Like you would to someone else.
    As a counsellor I would ask you, Do you have difficulty expressing anger? Depression is a way of taking the blame for everything and it usually masks another emotion of some kind. I say this only for you and others to think about, not to blame yourself for. Also what sometimes helped me was to tell myself that this will pass, it has before and will again.

    • Thank you so very much for reading my post, and for your extremely kind words and advice. I sincerely appreciate it. Also, I’m extremely sorry that you’ve had to feel this way. You are correct, this will pass… reminding myself that “this is temporary” really helps.

  4. I just read a blog by a psychologist with insight on depression.
    His theory is that when placed in a threatening situation our body goes into flight or fight. If our situation allows neither then our only option is to partially shut down. It is similar animals submitting to a stronger animal when they realize they are losing a fight over territory, over group dominance or access to females.
    That shuts diwn their emotions and allows them to survive. They recover and go on to fight again, against a weaker adversary that they can defeat. That is the idea at any rate.

  5. sharonschwartz2018

    I can totally relate 

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  6. Fiona Jackson

    I think this is a helpful example. Not everyone understands that being depressed can rob us of enjoying even our very favourite things. Thanks, as always, for being so open with us! I hope that next time The Flash is on, you’ll be in a better place and can enjoy it a bit.

    • Thank you so much. I appreciate you for reading my posts, and for always offering such kind words… it means a lot to me. I know this may seem silly; posting about a TV show. But I thought it was a good example of depression and decreased enjoyment. Hopefully, it will help someone understand.

  7. My gosh, I can relate to this so heavily.

    Things I was once so passionate about, so interested in… it’s all just disappeared. It’s such a hollow experience and I’d never wish that feeling on anyone. The sad thing is, that’s only such a small snapshot.

    Thank you for sharing this, I admire anyone who can be open about mental illness – and I hope you can enjoy The Flash the way you deserve to. 🧡

    Chelsea |

    • I’m sorry that you understand how this feels. But I really appreciate you for sharing with me. It helps remind me that I’m not alone. Also, please remember that you aren’t alone in feeling like this. Thank you for your kind words.

  8. I feel the words you have used.

    I have written a poem on depression you can read it here

    You can also tag it or share with anybody you know it can help.

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  10. Thanks so much for writing about depression! I can relate to this so accurately, 😭💔

  11. What a great post!!!!!

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