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Dream Dinner Party: Who Would You Invite and Why?

I’m a geek and I never play it cool about how much I love stuff. Geeks are allowed to be unapologetically enthusiastic about things, so I got really excited when I read Ruth in Revolt’s post about her Dream Dinner Party. I loved the idea so much, I decided to try it out…

The Challenge: You are having a dinner party, and can invite fifteen guests, not family or your children as that is just obvious, dead or alive, current or historical, real or fictional for whatever reasons you choose.

My Dinner Party Guest List:

I kept my guest list relatively current. I also made a conscious effort to select dinner guests that would probably get along…

1. Ryan Reynolds

Everything about Ryan Reynolds makes me happy. I love the characters he plays; from Wade Wilson (Deadpool) to Jerry (The Voices). I also love his openness about mental health and anxiety. I sincerely love Ryan Reynolds and I think he is one of the most entertaining humans, ever. Ryan Reynolds is the absolute perfect dinner guest for a geek like me.

2. Ben Platt

Seeing Ben Platt play Evan Hansen on Broadway will forever be one of my most cherished memories. Ben Platt is a magically talented unicorn of a man, and it would be the great joy of my life to have him attend my dinner party. I just love him, so very much.

3. Lin-Manuel Miranda

I love Broadway, and Lin-Manuel Miranda is the perfect Broadway dinner guest. Lin seems totally awesome, kind, and inspirational. Plus, if Lin came to dinner I would literally be in “The Room Where it Happens”.

4. Darren Criss

I had trouble deciding between Darren Criss and Blaine Anderson (the fictional character Darren plays on Glee). After much contemplation, I decided on the man himself. Darren Criss is one of my absolute favorite actors; his performance in The Assassination of Gianni Versace blew me away. Plus, I love his music and voice. He seems like a delightful person. Simply put, he makes me happy.

5. Matt Bomer

I met Matt Bomer after watching him perform in Boys in the Band on Broadway and he was flawlessly kind and amazing. Matt Bomer has all the strengths; he has been on Broadway, in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, he can sing, he loves comic books, and I absolutely love Neal Caffrey (White Collar). Matt Bomer is a treasure.


6. Barry Allen – The Flash

Having Barry Allen at dinner would be totally awesome. It would be my greatest geek-dream come true. Of course, I want the Grant Gustin version of The Flash. Normally, I’m pretty good at separating actors from the characters they play, but I can’t do that with Grant Gustin; to me, he is The Flash.

7. Diana of Themyscira – Wonder Woman

Of course I want to invite Wonder Woman to my dinner party. Wonder Woman is the hero that the world needs, she is absolutely amazing, and I love her. However, I might keep her out of my home office — I have multiple posters of her, and an extensive action figure collection. Awkward or cool? Perhaps she would see it as inspirational?

8 and 9. Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt

Leslie and Ben are the essential power couple, and I love them both dearly. Leslie personifies what it means to be a good friend and honorable person. Ben is the perfect geek and would be my dream best friend. Together, they are true marriage goals, and they show viewers what a loving marriage should look like… At dinner, I’ll serve waffles for Leslie and calzones for Ben.

10. and 11. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer and Andy Dwyer 

April and Andy would be the perfect dinner guests. Sure, Andy would undoubtedly break things, and April would probably pour maple syrup in my purse… but things would never be boring. They are fun, refreshing, and super cool. I love them individually and as a couple.


12. Spock and Spock Prime

These two are sharing a number, but will get their own places at the table. The “alternate reality situation” makes number sharing okay (this is my dinner, I’m making the rules).  I love both Spocks; Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Spock-Prime (Leonard Nimoy). They both have unique character traits that would make them fascinating dinner guests. I met Zachary Quinto earlier this year, and it was absolutely delightful… So, now I’m ready to meet Spock.

13. Magnus Bane

Magnus Bane is one of my favorite book characters, he sincerely intrigues me. Magnus is fashionable, fabulous, and he knows how to make a dinner party awesome. Plus, Magnus has been alive since the 1600s, which will make for fascinating dinner conversation.

14. Steve Rogers – Captain America

I want to invite Captain America simply because he is Captain America… he is awesome!  Captain Steve Rogers is kind, considerate, fun, and would be an amazing dinner guest.


15. Karen McCluskey

Desperate Housewives is one of my favorite shows, ever… and I absolutely love Karen McCluskey (a fictional character on the show). At first glance Karen seems like a grumpy old lady. But in reality Karen is strong, kind, and blatantly honest. Karen has lived through some serious tragedies, and I truly admire her resilience. Plus, if my dinner party sucks, I can trust Karen to tell me the truth.


Your Dinner Party: Who Would You Invite and Why?

Now it’s your turn. Who would you invite to your dinner party? Tell me in the comments, or write your own post, and tag me. I’m excited to see who you invite!

Curtain Call

Now, I have to plan the seating chart for my dinner party. I also have to decide what food and drinks to serve for each guest…  Also, I plan to hire Dopinder (from Deadpool) to work transportation for my dinner party. He is a great taxi driver… I’ll make him a plate of food to-go. I’m sure Dopinder and Ryan Reynolds will have a lot to talk about.


Thank you to Ruth for giving me this idea, and to Cathy for giving Ruth the idea. This has been super fun.


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Sincerely, the Uncustomary Housewife

12 comments on “Dream Dinner Party: Who Would You Invite and Why?

  1. I just have one question: can I come?! Though, I think this might be a bit too much eye candy in one room!! Amazing list.

    • You can absolutely come! That would be delightful. Also, yes, I noticed the blatant overload extremely good looking people… It will make for a very nice looking dinner. I won’t have to worry about decor… everyone will be admiring the guests.

  2. I love your choices! Also, Barry could do the washing up at lightning speed! 😅

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  4. thelupiemomma

    8-11 yesssssssss I loved this. I’m going to make one and be sure to link back to you!

  5. What a neat question. I guess I would invite:
    1. Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton)
    2. Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson)
    3. Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds)
    4. Dr. Quinn (Jane Seymour)
    5. Monroe from Grimm (Silas Weir Mitchell)
    6. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter (from the novels)
    7. Robin Williams
    8. Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)
    9. Gandalf the Grey
    10. Lee Christmas (Jason Statham)
    11. Jet Li
    12. Dolph Lundgren
    13. Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel)
    14. Paul Walker
    15. Heath Ledger

    • I absolutely love your list! This is a dinner party that I would be delighted attend, I mean, Bruce and Robin… AWESOME! Plus, the appearance of a Ryan Reynolds character is always my preference. I also really, really love Dom… I hope he drives so you can see his car!

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  8. Captain America is a sweetheart. I would invite Daniel Criss for his face alone. Could I come and just look at his face? I won’t be too long.

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