10 Unusual Things About Me

This is a wonderful and super cool blog post idea. This would be particularly beneficial for genre bloggers who passionately blog about a niche topic, like; mental health, parenthood, employment, etc… We are passionate people, but sometimes we lose our unique identities in the process. Me, for instance: I blog passionately about mental health. Writing about mental illness has become a unique part of my fabric as a blogger. However, I need to remember that it’s alright to leave my mental illness out sometimes, and write about things that represent and appreciate my other unique qualities. I’m not just “Elizabeth with Bipolar Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”, I’m so much more than that…

So, when Joan tagged me in the “10 Unusual Things About Me Challenge” I was pretty excited, needless to say. It’ll be nice to step outside the box. Before I get started, I want to properly thank Joan for the tag. Joan’s blog, My best friend Adeline, is remarkable. It is a place where readers can find comfort and reassurance during times when they need it most. Joan named her blog “My best friend Adeline” because she wants readers to think of her blog as a best friend you can turn to, any time.

10 Unusual Things About Me

What classifies something as “unusual”? I’m not really sure. “Unusual” probably means something different to everyone. Therefore, I’m listing 10 things that I assume would be “unusual behaviors and preferences”:

  1. I absolutely love motion picture soundtracks. I have many motion picture soundtracks on my phone, and I actually prefer them over customary albums. Ben Wyatt, from Parks and Recreation, said it best; “I kind of look at it like it’s your favorite directors making a mixtape just for you.”
  2. I buy multiple copies of books I that like, especially if the cover art is different.
  3. If I see a film in theaters, and I really like it, I will rewatch it several times while it is still in theaters. Especially Superhero films. I actually lost count of how many times I saw Deadpool 2 in theaters.
  4. I don’t like ceiling fans. I don’t like the weird shadows that they cast on the walls. I don’t like the downward trajectory of airflow that they create. I just don’t like them. They make me stir crazy, and really uncomfortable.
  5. When I cook Chicken Marsala I don’t use Marsala Wine, I use Pinot Grigio. I think the taste of Pinot Grigio is subtler compared to Marsala. I do the same with Pork Marsala, and other wine based dishes. This may seem like an odd substitution, but I love she slight difference it makes.
  6. I’m not musically inclined in the slightest, and I didn’t have exposure to musical theatre during my youth. Yet, I’m hopelessly devoted to musical theatre. I discovered the theatre a few years ago, and I love it like a long-lost friend that I never knew I had.
  7. I really like the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern film.
  8. I love wall calendars. I really enjoy the routine of flipping to a new photo each month. I have two in my home office; Hamilton and Star Trek. Although, I use the calendar on my phone for scheduling. The wall calendars are purely aesthetic.
  9. I name my pets after Superheroes. Daisy America: Captain America. Flash Justice: The Flash, a member of the Justice League. Charlie Wonder: Wonder Woman.
  10. I eat a peanut butter sandwich everyday.

My Tags for the “10 Unusual Things About Me Challenge”:

List 10 unusual things about yourself, and tag 10 people to carry on the challenge. Enjoy!

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Curtain Call:

Embrace what makes you unusual. Being unusual, uncustomary, or strange is cool. I use this quote a lot, but it always seems to fit: “Don’t waste any time trying to be like anybody but yourself, because the things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful.” – Tony Winner, Ben Platt

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Sincerely, Uncustomary Housewife

20 comments on “10 Unusual Things About Me

  1. Fiona Jackson

    Thanks for the tag Elizabeth! I am excited because I also love motion picture soundtracks! The music flows so naturally together and reminds me of the comfort of the movie itself. It’s nice that we can be unusual together.

    • That’s the reason I love them. I can listen to a song, from a moment I loved in a film, and all of the sudden I’m transported back to watching that film, and how the moment made me feel. It’s special, and super comforting.

  2. I love soundtracks! I have the Chicago and Moana ones in my car currently; my sister introduced me to Hamilton and I quickly became obsessed. SO GOOD.

    • …and now I’m obsessed with the “A Star is Born” soundtrack.

    • YES, YES, YES with A Star Is Born! Me as well. I absolutely love it. It is totally awesome that you listen to Hamilton, I’m in love with it too! I can understand how you would fall in love with Hamilton quickly, the same happened with me. You really need to look into Dear Evan Hansen. The Novel is being released today, and the Original Broadway Cast Recording is on iTunes. It’s wonderful.

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  4. mphtheatregirl

    I have been around musicals since my youth (elementary school). Middle school- that love was sparked. I wasn’t passionate about them until college. So it was quite the journey. My parents took me to see musicals since I was a child. I treat musical characters as if they are real- that might seem odd to some people. I feel like I become a character in a a musical when I see (only if I love the musical). I see the orchestra as a character as well. I love musical theatre for a number of reasons- the spectacle/dance, the stories, the characters, and the songs-basically the combo. The emotions they can express- which is super hard to describe

    • I can totally understand treating musical characters as if they were real. I totally do the same, all the time. I love that you see the orchestra as a character as well; the orchestra is so very important. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      • mphtheatregirl

        The orchestra is the glue that holds a musical together- if you see what a mean.

        Musical characters do live in me- long after I leave the theatre

      • That is very, very true. Both of those things are true. The sound makes what is happening on stage come to life… and I absolutely agree with you; characters leave the theatre with me, and live in me, long after the curtain falls. Especially Evan Hansen.

      • mphtheatregirl

        The characters who live in me are a combinations of characters I relate to and those who I don’t relate- the ones I have a strong emotional connection to. The ones I strongly relate to- the bond is more personal

  5. I can relate to some!

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  7. Peanut butter sandwiches!!! Yes, everyday! me, too! I love that you eat one everyday, too. Most people look at me funny if I tell them that, since I’m a 53 year old woman. I don’t care, though. It reminds me of eating them with my dad growing up. And plus they just taste amazing. :). Thank you for this fun article about you.

    • Peanut butter sandwiches are the best! I’m 31, and I’m proud to say that I eat a peanut butter sandwich every day. It gives my life a routine and consistency that I appreciate, and find comfort in. Thank you for reading, and commenting. I really appreciate it.

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  9. Ceiling fans can be quite scary, just imagine one day someone flies into it while it’s switched on. *shudders*

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