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A Ticket for Jesus: Telling Others About Salvation

Ordering film tickets online is an easy process; you select the film you want to see, venue, time, and how many tickets you need, then you pay. Seems easy, right? Well, a few days ago I got online to order some tickets, but it wasn’t so simple for me. It was actually pretty perplexing… and for a very important reason.

I reached the “how many tickets do you need” step in the ordering process, and I started making a mental list of the people I wanted to take with me… I thought to myself; “I want to see this film with my husband. I also want to see it with my best friend, and she’ll probably want to bring her husband, and maybe their children.” I kept thinking of people; “my husband might have a coworker that he wants to bring” and “I want to invite a couple more family members”. I kept thinking of people, and my “how many tickets do you need” number kept growing, and growing. But then I started to worry; “what if the film premiere sells out before I purchase the tickets?”

In the middle of all this, a really odd and important thought crept in: salvation.

I wanted to see the film premiere with all the people I care about. I was ensuring that each one of them had a ticket. I had done my part to get everyone to the film premiere. However, had I done the same for their salvation? Had I done my part to get them in church? Had I done my part to make sure they found Jesus?

The harsh reality set in: I hadn’t done my part to make sure they found Jesus. I hadn’t done my part to get them into church. I hadn’t done what was most important.

I wanted to buy film tickets for 12 people. But I didn’t know the important information: How many of them have been saved? How many of them knew the story of Jesus? How many of them own a Bible? How many of them attend church regularly? I honestly didn’t know. Because my priorities were misplaced.

I was worried that the film would sell out before I could purchase tickets; there was urgency to my order. But where was my urgency for salvation? What if these people were in an accident, and passed away, without knowing Jesus? Where was my urgency for their salvation?

I was concerned about such a trivial thing, but I wasn’t giving attention to the one thing that really mattered: salvation.

We, as humans, spend a lot of time telling each other about things, whether we notice it or not. Think about these situations: Your favorite store is having a sale, so you tell your friends about it. A TV show you like is returning from a season break, so you remind your friends. A cool new movie trailer is released, so you share it on Facebook. A new restaurant in town is really good, so you tell people about it. You try a new recipe, and you love it, so you share it with your mother. You read an awesome novel, and post about it on the internet. You find a product you like, and recommend it to other people.

We are constantly recommending things to other people. A majority of our social interactions consist of recommendations. We talk about things we like. We discuss things that make us happy. We brag about products we enjoy, and purchases we made. But how many of us recommend the most important thing: salvation?

Now, do this: make a mental list of the 10 people you love the most. Are they saved? Have you invited them to church? Have you told them about Jesus? Do they own a Bible? Have you talked to them about salvation?

We worry that our friends will miss out on cool things like films and TV shows. But why don’t we worry that they will miss out on Heaven?

We talk to our friends, and we say things like; “oh you have to watch this show, it’s hilarious”, or “you have to try this recipe, it’s so good.” But how often do we say; “you should come to church with me on Sunday, God’s love is so amazing” or “you have to learn about God’s love, it will change your life”?

This is salvation. This is forever. This is the most important thing. This is the ultimate show of love.

Tell the people you love about Jesus. Invite them to church. Keep inviting them to church.  Invite them every week. Never stop inviting them. Talk to them about prayer. Tell them about God’s love. Tell them about God’s plan. If you love someone, tell them about God.

Tell people about God.

Sincerely, Uncustomary Housewife

10 comments on “A Ticket for Jesus: Telling Others About Salvation

  1. I agree with your thinking. Often times people find faith/belief to be a touchy subject. However, as you mentioned when you’re passion about something you want to share with all you meet. I often share how much Jehovah God has helped me with my M. For me that has kept me sane in mist of meltdowns and life in general. So you’re right we need to help everyone we can to see how awesome our God is! keep sharing hope!

  2. Love this! Love when God gives us sweet lessons in the midst of the mundane 😊. Thanks for sharing! ❤️jenna

  3. Love this! Love when God gives us sweet lessons in the midst of the mundane❤️. Thanks for sharing! -Jenna Marie Masters

  4. My lovely, I believe that taking them to see that film may be a first step for some of them. It might be more effective than just you telling them about Jesus, or at least it will come in support of your heart felt words.
    Everybody has their personal time when everything they have seen and heard about God and Jesus comes to life.
    We, with our limited power, cannot convince anybody, really, but the Holy Spirit that lives in us and is constantly seeking the healthy connections between people.
    Jesus Himself did not convince everyone.
    Do your best, with an open heart, and God will do the rest,

  5. Keen observation and an insightful gift. A dear friend of many years passed away last night after a long battle with illness. I was grateful that I spent time with him on Tuesday night. There were other things that had to be put aside, but my instincts( nudge of the Holy Spirit) told me, go see him. Although he was not conscious; I spoke with him for a while, did some spiritual readings, and then prayed over him. As I prayed he stirred a little. Whether he heard me or not I don’t know. As I related this event to a friend she told me, hearing is the last of the senses to go. I chose to believe that he heard me.

  6. We just finished watching the “Last Ounce of Courage.” It was a great demonstration about taking a stand for Jesus.

  7. supitsphillip

    Enjoyed this! Thanks for the reminder & encouragement!

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