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Recipe for Disaster or Quest for Success

I have something to say, but I’m not sure how to say it. I’ve written the first sentence of this post four times, and none of those drafts seems to cut it. I attempted to start this  blog with a catchy and elegant statement that people would like, and then I realized something really important; that mindset is EXACTLY my problem.

When I started this blog, nearly four years ago, it was completely different than it is today. Actually, the reason I started blogging is completely different from the reason that I continue to blog.

I started blogging for a simple reason — I wanted to blog — and I blogged about whatever I wanted; I wrote about comic books, horror movies, world travel, and being a housewife. I dabbled in poetry and satire, I wrote political and religious blogs, I wrote a few blogs that made me cry and and a couple that made me laugh.

Literally, I wrote whatever I felt like writing about at any given time. I didn’t care if people liked it, or if they even read it. It made me happy, so nothing else really mattered. But things are different now… Very different… and it all started when I got into food blogging.

I want to preface this by saying that I absolutely LOVE food blogging. I love cooking, and blogging recipes… I especially love it when strangers approach me in the grocery store and tell me that they have tried my recipes. It’s pretty awesome, really! However, now I am aware that people visit my blog, and I’ve started having reservations about what type of content I should post.

Here is a prime example… Last week I started a blog about the new Spider-Man movie, I had just finished watching it for the second time and I wanted to write about a fan-theory I had. I was so excited; I started researching, cross-referencing, and typing like my life depended on it…. But then I stopped. I thought to myself; “people are going to come to my blog looking for a recipe, and see a post about Spider-Man… That’s not what they want.” So, I stopped writing my Spider-Man blog. The same exact thing happened last month when I wanted to write a blog about Sheldon Cooper and my appreciation for his obsession with trains. I was worried people wouldn’t like it, so I never finished it. I did, however, write an awesome blog about Risotto.

Seriously though, can I post a blog about sugar cookies on Monday, a blog about serial killers on Tuesday, a recipe for creamy pasta on Wednesday, a blog about Aqua-Man on Thursday, followed by a blog about my dogs on Friday? Sure… I can. But it would be weird, wouldn’t it? Confusing for readers, perhaps?

And, for the record… Here are the working titles and featured photos that I was planning to use with a few of the blogs that were never finished/published;

BLOG 1: Sheldon Cooper and the Locomotive Expedition!

Sheldon Cooper

BLOG 2: Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Paintings on the Schoolhouse Wall.

Spider Man

BLOG 3: Serial Killers and Why We Love Them; It’s a Real Scream.

Horror Hound Weekend

BLOG 4: A Tail of Two Puppies

a tale

And I know, I know… It’s my blog, and I pay for the domain name, so I should write about whatever I want, right? Well… actually, my husband pays for the domain name, but you get the picture.

So, what do I blog about now? Seriously, what? I mean, I picked the name “Uncustomary Housewife” because my interests are so eclectic… But can I be THIS eclectic? Farmhouse Recipes, Housewife Confessions, Geek Chronicles, World Travels, Horror News and Reviews, Broadway Shows, Cowboy Boots… and don’t forget Star Trek. That’s REALLY eclectic, and ridiculously uncustomary.

I guess I’ll conclude my post with an old screenshot of my iPhone lock screen. It really sums up a majority of the things that I love, but have stopped blogging about recently; (1) The background photo is of Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool costume, (2) a notification telling me that Eli Roth, one of my favorite movie makers, liked my Instagram photo, and (3) a text message notification from my husband.

Eli Roth Ryan Reynolds My Husband

Sincerely, Me… The Uncustomary Housewife!

*Postscript / P.S. — “Sincerely, Me” is a reference to my favorite Broadway Musical; Dear Evan Hansen. Yet another eclectic interest of mine.

Here are links to some of the old blogs that I referenced during this post, in case you were curious;

If you’re interested in seeing the different topics I’ve blogged about then you can visit my “About page”; A Synopsis of Elizabeth.

2 comments on “Recipe for Disaster or Quest for Success

  1. So I do agree that it is your blog and you can write about what the heck ever you want, but also struggle with the same thing. I am not even a year into blogging and wonder all the time if I am too random. Recipes are my favorite thing to share, but I do lots of mom/family posts, I work full time selling yachts and blog about that (very random), I enjoy fashion, beauty, I write about things in the city I live in, crafting… I just call it a lifestyle blog because I don’t really want to pick a topic.I do worry that this will prevent me from being as successful as I want to be in blogging since I am so broad, but at least I am being unique to myself, and that’s really the whole reason I started this! I am sure there is no right answer so just do what makes you happiest!

  2. Gary Frazier

    Don’t allow your blog to become an effort to please others. Those of us that follow on a regular basis enjoy your variety of topics. Please yourself!

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