Peach Salsa Recipe and Summertime Spectacular

Lately I’ve been looking for simple recipes that are a tad bit different… recipes that are off the beaten path of common expectation, and I struck gold with this one; both literally and figuratively (literally: peaches are beautiful and golden, and figuratively: this recipe is simply amazing… golden!) So, thank you to the Pioneer Woman for knocking my socks off, yet again. Get the step-by-step recipe* below. Enjoy!

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What you’ll need — INGREDIENTS:
45 ounces Peaches in Syrup, sliced/canned
1 Jalapeno
1 Red Onion
1 Red Bell Pepper
Juice of 1 Lime
1/2 bunch Cilantro
Chili Powder/Seasoning, to taste


How to make it — INSTRUCTIONS:
Start with a jalapeño… And I know what you’re thinking; “Jalapeños and Peaches? Is she CRAZY?” And the answer is YES, I am crazy… But you’ll have to trust me on this…. Chop the top and bottom of the jalapeño…


… remove the seeds and membrane, and dice the green parts up really fine. You can include some of the seeds and membrane if you want to add some heat… Go ahead, walk on the wild side.


Now, on to the impeccably beautiful red onion. Seriously, I could write a series of love poems about red onions!


Chop the red onion up really fine.


Followed by a red bell pepper! Of course, you could use a yellow, orange, or green bell pepper… it would be all the same… But I LOVE the loud red color! So, seed the bell pepper… then slice it up…


… and chop it up very fine.


Now, it’s time for the main attraction; the peaches! Canned peaches are perfect for this salsa; they are oh-so-sweet and being canned in syrup gives them a lovely consistency. So, start by straining the peaches — reserving the syrup for use later.


I can’t get enough of this Pioneer Woman ceramic colander… It even came with a drip plate! How adorable is that? Seriously!!?


Cut the peaches into small pieces… Pretty petite peachy pieces! It’s so peaceful.


Throw the pretty petite peachy pieces in a bowl…


… and add the jalapeños, red onions, and red bell peppers to the bowl.


Now, cut a lime in half… It will balance the sweetness of the canned peaches. Plus, freshly squeezed lime is just awesome…


And squeeze the juice straight into the bowl. I squeezed both lime halves into the bowl.. I really, really, really like freshly squeezed lime! Really!


Now, for the super secret ingredient; Fresh Cilantro! Grab a handful…


… and chop it up.


Then toss the cilantro into the bowl.


And now, just for fun, add a couple dashes of chili powder…


And stir to combine…


Now, this step is totally optional — it really depends on how you like your salsa; some people like their salsa super chunky, while others like some juice in their salsa… If you like juice then drizzle in some of the reserved peach syrup, and then give the salsa another stir.


The salsa is actually best when it has been refrigerated for 30 minutes to an hour…. so I popped it in the fridge while I made a couple shredded chicken quesadillas.

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When you’re ready, remove the Peach Salsa from the ‘fridge and serve! You can serve it as a side item, or eat it alone with fresh pita chips… I can’t wait to try it by the pool this summer! Keep reading for some other entree options…


You can try it with this ridiculously simple Chicken Quesadilla recipe; a quick-and-easy mid-day meal…

Featured Photo

It would also be amazing with these Zucchini Taco Boats; perfect for a dinner party!


It would compliment these Baked Ground Beef Taquitos fabulously; these taquitos are ALWAYS a famously successful crowd pleaser.


Here’s a different spin on the Quesadilla! Flour Tortilla Ground Beef Quesadillas; which are perfect for the campsite.

Camper Quesadilla Feature

And, for the true vegetarians out there, you can try it with this Spicy Grilled Vegetable Panini; which I can NEVER GET ENOUGH OF! It’s simply amazing.

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*I found the original Peach Salsa recipe on The Pioneer Woman Blog, as previously stated!

Cook Long and Prosper. Love, the Uncustomary Housewife

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  1. gorgeous! great photography

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  3. Really looks spectacular 😍 love how colourful it is!

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