Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onion Tabasco Burger

I’m from a small town in Kentucky, where the classic “Pool Room Cheeseburger” reigns supreme! However, the burger I’m going to tell you about is nothing like the Pool Room Cheeseburger… which is why I was extremely skeptical at first. But after the first bite, I was won over… and so was my husband.

This recipe is 96% Pioneer Woman. The remaining 4% is made up of small, almost insignificant changes, that I made based on my surroundings;
What you’ll need, aka. Ingredients:
2 pounds 80/20 Ground Beef
1 teaspoon Salt
1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper
Tabasco Sauce, to Taste (I used Cholula; market was out of Tabasco)
2 tablespoons Butter
1 whole Red Onion, Sliced
2 tablespoons Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Real Mayonnaise (I use Hellmann’s)
Kaiser Rolls
1 cup Crumbled Blue Cheese
Your Favorite Mixed Lettuce
The Step-by-Step, aka. Instructions:
Place the 80/20 ground beef into a medium mixing bowl. (80/20 will stay juicer and more flavorful, just trust me.) Add 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon of ground black pepper to the meat.
Add a few dashes of Tabasco/Hot sauce. I like things spicy, so I added about 10 dashes.
With clean hands, give the meat a good ole mixing. Set aside.
Slice the red onion (not too thick, not too thin). Hack: cut the onion in half from top to bottom, then lay each half on its side, cut off the top and bottom, then slice away. Next, for the onions, heat a skillet over medium heat and add in 2 tablespoons butter.
When the butter has melted toss in the onions, and 2 generous tablespoons of brown sugar.
Give the onions a toss to combine the ingredients, and then allow them to caramelize over a medium to low heat for about twenty minutes, tossing occasionally… while we prepare the other ingredients and cook the burger itself.
While the onions are caramelizing, make the spicy mayo: Place 1/4 cup mayonnaise into a small bowl…
And add a few dashes of Tabasco/Hot Sauce. Stir together and test for taste. I added more Hot Sauce after my taste-test.
Next, slice the Kaiser rolls in half.
And spread each half with about 1/2 tablespoon of butter.
Then throw ’em on a skillet or grill pan over medium heat. We just want to lightly grill/toast the rolls so they’ll be tough enough to hold the spicy mayo… and the burger itself.
Let the rolls cool on a plate until you’re ready for ’em.
At this point, I removed the onions from the pan, and put them in a small bowl. I’m going to use the onion skillet to cook the burgers.
Form the meat into patties… and place on a grill pan or skillet over low to medium heat.
Allow each to cook about 3 minutes… then flip the burger and cook it for a couple more minutes.
As the burgers finish cooking, spread the spicy mayo on the Kaiser rolls; the inside of both the top and bottom.
Now, back to the burgers… With tongs, add a heapin helpin’ of the gloriously delicious onions to the top of the patty.
Then immediately add a nice helping of crumbled blue cheese.
When the burger’s done, use tongs or a spatula to set it on the bottom half of the bun. The blue cheese won’t be melted, but it’ll be nice and soft.
You could serve it like this… It looks yummy, doesn’t it? But there is still one more ingredient.
Place some greens on the top, I like a nice mix of different colors.
And then toss on the top bun, and enjoy!
I hope you Cook Long and Prosper, and always Cook Like a Champion. Love, the Uncustomary Housewife.

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