America: The Greatest Country Ever Stolen

9/11/01 – Heroes Stronger Than Superman -Never Forget 

Captain America, Superman, Spider-Man… On a day when our childhood superheroes were powerless we saw our Nation’s real superheroes rise to the occasion.

On this day I will remember the horrendous attack on 9/11, and give a prayer of thankfulness to the true heroes; the firefighters, police officers, soldiers, EMTs, doctors, volunteers, rescue dogs, the passengers of Flight 93 who confronted the hijackers and put a stop to their unspeakable plan, and to the countless others who ran toward the Trade Towers and Pentagon as everyone else was running away.

There are countless stories of regular everyday people who ran toward the World Trade Center collapse that day. Regular people. People who grabbed their morning coffee and went to work in NYC with the intention of going about their daily business as investment bankers , CEOs, or cupcake decorators… But when “the shit hit the fan” they ran to help.

But (don’t get me wrong) you didn’t have to run toward the collapse to be a hero. There were people that took time off work and left their families to help dig through the rubble, offer medical assistance, or help with needed services. Some even drove across the country.

There are people that enlisted. People who joined our men and women of the Armed Forces for the defense of this Country.

There are the people who worked to rebuild. Both architecturally and in spirit.

Some people were confused, lost, and scared; they didn’t know what to do. Some got patriotic tattoos. Some went to church for the first time in a long time. Some wrote books. Others wrote songs. While some people just took a second to appreciate what they had.

Teachers in classrooms all over America turned on TVs and transistor radios. The burden fell on them to explain this heartbreak to the children.

Parents rushed to schools to pick-up their kids. Husbands left work to be with their wives. People all over America made frantic phone calls and sent urgent e-mails to loved ones; while praying that they were alright.

But what about the people who weren’t “alright”? What about the lives we lost that day, and in the days to follow?

I don’t want to name any one person or animal, because there are so many; there is no way I could type the words that would do them justice in this blog post (that started as a short Facebook status).

But these people. These real life superheroes. From the firefighter, to the soldier, to the stranger who volunteered. They all give me hope.

I’ll never forget.

2 comments on “9/11/01 – Heroes Stronger Than Superman -Never Forget 

  1. I found your blog tonight and I love your writing!! Keep doing what you do! It’s delicious and inspiring!!

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