Joe Manganiello is Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie!

Holy Hunk, Batman! We’ve been given many gifts by the powers that be at DC Comics. First, they graced us with Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa) as Aquaman, now they are giving us Alcide Herveaux (True Blood actor Joe Manganiello) as Deathstroke. This is, seriously, the best thing I never knew I wanted.

Batfleck pleased the geeky world in late August when he posted a video of Deathstroke. However, in true Bruce Wayne fashion Batfleck didn’t reveal the actor behind the mask.

When word of the Deathstroke casting broke news Joe Manganiello showed us that he is just as pumped as we are by tweeting “It’s on. . .”!

So, what will we call them? Batfleck and DeathJoeroke, perhaps?



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