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Harley Quinn’s Jester Suit: Will it be in Suicide Squad?

This is for the geeks that have been concerned about animation-to-live-action adaptations and the absence of Harley Quinn’s Jester Suit in Suicide Squad (and I say “geek” as a term of true endearment; as I, too, file myself into that category). Nevertheless, it seems that since her 1992 debut in “Joker’s Favor” people everywhere have been hooked on Harley Quinn.

Okay, Puddin’, let’s get to business…. Pictured are screen shots of some Suicide Squad B-Roll footage.

HQ Jester 1HQ Jester 2

In the main scene pictured Harley pulls out the Jester Suit, hugs it, then throws it aside and selects the blue and red hot pants. In another scene (of Mr. J) you can see Harley’s Jester Suit on a mannequin to the side of the shot, complete with a blonde wig.

I love and appreciate all of the different looks Harley has donned over the years; we’ve seen Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D., psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum wearing sophisticated glasses and a white coat… Some people might remember her in Amazonian attire… Also, do you remember the time Harley and Poison Ivy were folk singers, who were produced by Lex Luthor? And of course, the look we know and love — the famous Jester Suit… Which has also changed over time. Whatever situation Harley finds herself in it seems that her outfit always ‘suits’ the occasion, indeed.

HQ Comic 1

However, I do love the Suicide Squad look. You can find the proof in the photos below…

Harley Quinn Costume 1Harley Quinn Costume 2

We may not all agree on her Suicide Squad attire– but from gymnast and school girl at Gotham City University, to psychotic Joker crazed devotee, we can all agree on one thing; Harley Quinn is awesome!

So, what’s your favorite Harley look? (Go ahead, geek out, it’ll be good for you!)

–> Huge shout-out to Jashan Boparai for posting the B-Roll footage. Also, check out this MTV News article to see more shots of Harley’s Jester Suit in Suicide Squad.


6 comments on “Harley Quinn’s Jester Suit: Will it be in Suicide Squad?

  1. Nira Jo Branham

    I like the mannequin outfit in the first set of pictures.

  2. mikefleckcreator

    Oh man! That would be awesome! Great b roll snaps! Have you had your writing featured on any other sites before? Really cool writeup 🙂

    • Thank you for reading… and, no, I’ve never had my writing featured before. I blog for fun mostly. But it’s always awesome when people appreciate it.
      I’m actually writing one right now about the Batman Birthday Party I had last night.

  3. mikefleckcreator

    Hah that sounds awesome! I’d love to go to a batman themed party! If you’re interested in having your writing featured on other sites, I could help out. I work at Movie Pilot, I’d love to help you get featured there if you’re up for it. Just shoot me an email if it sounds like something you’d be interested in –

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