Library Diaries, Vol. 5: Selfish Scoundrels vs. Prototypes of Goodness

Some scoundrels dance in the lighting at night yet act like hypocrites as they iron creases in their clothes the next morning. They are selfish beasts in the pale moonlight, dangerous conceded creatures. Monsters of selfishness that can cut like a knife. These people may not lose, but they won’t win completely.

Others fight the good fight. Those who deserve to win the competition. Prototypes of goodness that are fit for mass production. From the outside looking in they are as pure as from the inside looking out. They understand that being good is not as important as being kind. They may not win, but they will never lose completely.

Who will win the competition? What will the world become? Will the world be owned by the hypocritical corrupt swine? Or by the ones fighting the good fight?

But more importantly, which one are you?

vol 5

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