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Fate, Beauty, and Bruised At Bat

Writing Prompt: Write a post with the words “Fate”,”Beauty”, and “Bruised”.

Now look at him, fulfilling his fate…

Many have stood in the box before, and many will after… hundreds of years from now someone will be pitching, someone will be swinging, and courageous fans will be howling at the crack of the bat.

But for this moment in time, his moment, can he take it? Living the big time beauty of America’s greatest pastime? Can he get the hit?

Ya see, the first one was a brushback. Thrown high and inside to intimidate our batter—strike.

The brain starts working… “make the fast pitches come in slow”, “stay with the high ones”, and “don’t crowd the plate”.

The second was a change up, deceptive—strike.

Fate. The beauty of victory. The bruise of defeat. Who will win the showdown?

It’s time—the wind up… and the pitch. The rest is history.


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