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Merging Into Love

Falling in love is like merging into traffic. Sometimes it happens slowly and with caution. Sometimes it happens quickly. 

The day I met my husband I merged like a bat out of hell. A metaphorical coal truck could have been coming and I wouldn’t have noticed. I could have crashed and burned, but I didn’t. I once wrote a blog about our first encounter; The First Time I Met My Husband’s Shoes.

I met him and I loved him, simultaneously. 

I love the way I fell in love.  Love is marvelous, and marriage is the greatest of all adventures… But is one “merge” better than the other? Slow and cautioned, or fast and tenaciously? Either way you get where you are going. 

How did you “merge”? 

3 comments on “Merging Into Love

  1. I merge with eyes wide open. To me fast or slow is irrelevant, it’s about being honest with myself in just what my intentions are.
    Thank you for sharing your approach, it gives us much to reflect upon.

  2. david mosley

    long as you get there 1 can be good as the other but for me it has happened on first sight

  3. david mosley

    this requires much luck

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