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The Depth of Marvelous Moments: A Book Blog

Is anything better than falling into the depths of a good book? Books are made of paper, string, glue, and ink. When these materials are alone they don’t seem very significant, but when put together they can be life-altering.

For years I’ve been exploring stacks of paper and falling into their depths; I’ve been to Vegas with Hunter S. Thompson, through war with Chris Kyle, in the French Revolution with Charles Dickens, fought for American independence with Thomas Paine, and died in the Holocaust with Anne Frank.

The covers separate and I’m transported into a “whole new world”, I’m in Gotham City, The City of Bones, District 12, Dauntless headquarters, Woodbury, the Maze, prison, a cancer ward, an insane asylum. I can go anywhere between those covers—and it’s empowering, life-altering at times, a true inspiration.

“What we love in our books are the depths of many marvelous moments seen all at one time.” -Slaughterhouse Five

Today I’ve been prompted with the word “Depth”— so my mind went straight to a previous blog post;  “A Book By Any Name Would Still Smell As Sweet” — falling deep inside a book is my favorite kind of depth. I don’t just read a book– I immerse myself in it.


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