Housewife Confessions

Serenity in Solitude

Is there serenity in solitude?
Some would say so.
Others fear there is not.
Perhaps we should ask a rest stop rocking chair on a cold and rainy January day.

There are normally happy families climbing on buses to whitewater raft, young couples playing mini-golf, and college kids eating at a breakfast bar…
but on this rainy day there is solitude.


6 comments on “Serenity in Solitude

  1. Ah, this just spiralled me into my own serene solitude. I think it’s kind of melancholic, but I love those alone times where you can just sit in peace and watch the world go by. Love it.

  2. I can definitely find serenity in solitude. I actually wrote a piece about the value of solitude some time ago:

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  4. Great photo. 😀

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