Teachers Must Have Faith

We are teachers, and some of us are coaches. We make our students read, write, re-write, create, think, understand facts, form opinions, argue those opinions, believe, respect, laugh, overcome, and achieve.

We make our athletes run, jump, scream, think, try, try, try… and then try some more, persevere, lead, follow, push, sweat, and sometimes cry from exhaustion.

Many of them love us. Others love to hate us… but then ‘that day’ comes. The day with pointy hats and robes. Graduation Day.

On that dreaded day we must relinquish control and this is where faith kicks in.

We must have faith… The faith that we taught them everything we could. The faith that we gave them the skills to persevere– to get up stronger every time they fall down. The faith that they understand the importance of ordinary acts of kindness. The faith that we taught them when to lead and when to follow—something I like to call Servant Leadership. The faith that they understand that the effort they bring to the table matters more than where they come from.

We must have faith.

We can teach lessons like Mr. Fenny (Boy Meets World) but we can’t following our students to college and live next door to them. We have them for a short amount of time… but for those 1, 2, 3, or 4 years we can give it everything we’ve got… and when it’s time for them to go we must have faith in ourselves – the faith that we gave them what they need to succeed.
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