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I’ve Waited 11 Months to Reveal This…

Are you ready for them? They are coming whether you are ready or not. In approximately 30 days they will start coming in droves. I’m talking about the overload of New Year’s Resolutions that are about to be posted by your friends and family on social networks.

On the third of January, 2014, I decided on my 2014 New Year’s Resolution. So, I did what everyone does… I got on Facebook and composed a status about it. But then I erased it. I decided that I would keep my resolution a secret. Later that day I wrote a blog titled “Why I’m Not Telling You My New Year’s Resolution”. In that blog I promised that I would hold myself accountable for my secret resolution, and that if I was “still faithful to my New Year’s Resolution in 11 months” that I would tell my followers what it was.

Well, the time here. And I’ve been faithful.

Achievement has required hours of yoga, hundreds of books, 74 blog posts, eggs for breakfast, fried pork chops for dinner, visits to old friends, world travel, and so much more…. But I’ve achieved my resolution; comprehensive self-improvement, focusing on my own happiness, taking a break and doing the things I love. A simple synopsis; putting myself first.

I’m a teacher. Sometimes, half way through a class, I prompt my students with the following statement, “raise your hand if you feel that you have worked as hard as you can today.” Raising a hand in reply to this prompt doesn’t mean that everything you’ve done has been perfect. It means that you’ve done your very best…

As I reflect on the last 11 months I feel that I deserve to raise my hand.

Resolution Prompt

7 comments on “I’ve Waited 11 Months to Reveal This…

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  2. alanjryland

    Go you! That’s the way to do it. Live life to the fullest, live well, live on your own terms, choose to be happy! I am so happy that you feel closer to yourself and more improved – it’s an education that lasts a lifetime.

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