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The Walking Dead, Children and Fire Connect the Dots

As someone who has been a The Walking Dead fan from the beginning I love and appreciate all of the connections that the show has made recently.

In “Consumed” Carol and Daryl are traveling down the road into Atlanta, the same road that Rick traveled down on horseback in Episode 1, “Days Gone Bye”. It’s ironic that Rick was traveling down this road to look for his family, and now Carol and Daryl are traveling to look for Beth, a person that they view as family. It was also cool to see a tank in Atlanta, although I don’t think it was Rick’s from Episode 1.

Fire has connected a lot of dots recently.

It’s been said that Daryl and Merle’s mother died in a fire, yet Daryl has been surrounded by ‘helpful fire’ lately, all of which he has started. He therapeutically burnt down the moonshine house with Beth in “Still”, he burnt the walker bodies for Carol at the housing center, and burnt the legal pad and trash bin to use as a ‘walker distraction’ in “Consumed”. Daryl has found a way to overcome and grow in this world.

Speaking of ‘this world’… Carol’s comment that things get “burned away” in this type of world, and Daryl’s comments that “we ain’t ashes”… are both meaningful quotes that brought this full circle for me.

In “The Grove” Carol and Tyreese see the smoke from the moonshine house (that Daryl and Beth started), but they didn’t know that Daryl and Beth were so close. It was also cool to see the ‘burning walkers’ from the moonshine house walk up on Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie, and Mika.

Now, let’s focus on the bodies that Daryl was burning in “Consumed”. CHILDREN.

We haven’t seen significant walker children recently. For a while we had Penny, the Governor of Woodbury’s daughter. Before that was perhaps the most significant, Sophia, Carol’s daughter. In “Consumed” Carol and Daryl saw the walker children behind a door, which had to be a bitter moment for Carol (revisiting Sophia, Lizzie, and Mika). It was also significant that the children were seen in the temporary housing building that Carol and Sophia briefly visited to get a moment away from abusive Ed (a character that I definitely don’t miss).

In “The Grove” Lizzie asks Carol, “Do you think there’ll be kids at Terminus?” To which Carol replied, “If their parents kept them safe.” At this point I wanted to jump inside the TV and console Carol about the death of Sophia. Sad throwback. But a nice reminder.

We also learned on The Talking Dead that “Tom Sawyer”, the book that Carol had in her bag in “Consumed”, was given to Lizzie by Hershel. Another subtle connection to Carol’s past relationships and love for children.

There are still a lot of connections to be discussed; childhood abuse, red vehicles, cigarettes, the conspiracies go on and on…. and I’m sure there are many more to come. I can’t wait.

**Featured photo, me at Woodbury



1 comment on “The Walking Dead, Children and Fire Connect the Dots

  1. I love this show. I remember one Sat. My oldest son was visiting from Northern Ky. And we watched a marathon of The Walking Dead season after season we just couldn’t stop watching. My husband was at work and what a fantastic way to spend a Saturday with my son while visiting. Great writing love all the detail you put into it. Who is your favorite character just curious? I always liked Daryl. He endured so much and never backed down or away from anything. I never knew about the book Carol carried with her either. You learn something new everyday. This blog may be old but I’m browsing your blog enjoying it to the fullest with late night reading which I Love! Stay blessed !

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