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Your side of the bed is empty and my reaction is absurd…

I normally rise to the sound of the morning news with a hot cup of coffee waiting on the vanity.
A happy hand waves at me as I pull out of the driveway.
I come home to a warm house, full of love and pleasant conversation.
The clothes are washed, the dishes are done, the grass is cut.

But for the last three days I’ve made my own coffee, I’ve came home to an empty house, and I’ve washed my own clothes… Life without my husband is absurdly difficult.

We have a wonderful marriage; I am a teacher, he is a doctor. But his job has required him to work away from home for two weeks…. I’m lost without him, but this ‘apart time’ has been wonderful for our marriage. During his absence I’ve had a chance to realize all the wonderful things he does for me everyday.

This week WordPress prompted me with the keyword “Absurd”, and this was the first thing that came to mind… The coffee, the clean clothes and dishes, the freshly cut grass, and so much more… I haven’t always said “thank you” to my husband, and that’s absurd; but I am forever thankful.

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