Housewife Confessions

The Uncustomary Housewife Needs Your Advice, help me out.

You know me as “The Uncustomary Housewife”, but I’m not a full-time housewife anymore; I got a teaching and coaching job. My conundrum is this, should I change my blog title?

My husband is in the second year of his medical residency, so he doesn’t have time to do house chores (but God knows he does his best); thus making me a teacher/coach by day, and housewife by night. A combination that I love.

My stint of housewifery last year was the first time in 16 years that I haven’t been affiliated with school during the day and sports during the evening.

Becoming a housewife was the reason I started blogging. In June of 2013 staying at home really depressed me and blogging became my outlet. However, as time passed I developed a love for housewifery, and over the past 11 months I’ve taken great pride in my stay-at-home job.

I call myself “Uncustomary” because I’m an eclectic person; comic books, cowboy boots, sports, superheroes, politics, yoga, dresses, personalized belts, country music, rap music, jam bands.

It is quite “Uncustomary”, I guess, for me to be a teacher/coach by day, and housewife by night. Right?… So the title technically applies…

What do you think? Keep it or change it?

Here’s a link to the homepage of my blog, check it out: The Uncustomary Housewife; “A Synopsis of Elizabeth”

5 comments on “The Uncustomary Housewife Needs Your Advice, help me out.

  1. If I were you — I’d keep it. Perhaps it’s the refreshing way you are re-inventing the old terminology (housewifery 2.2?) but I find it charming. In a way, “The Uncustomary Housewife,” sets the boundaries of the game and then happily breaks the rules with a grin and a comic book under her arm. Best wishes on your blog! Keep having fun and enjoying all the adventure!

    • You have a very good point, and “Housewifery 2.2” literally made me laugh out loud. I think I am going to keep it, its grown on me and I really like it. Thanks for reading!

  2. Ken Montalba

    I think you should keep it. Your blog has become your outlet and it helped you cope up with your situation during that time. For the name, don’t change it. You’ve been blogging for quite some time and I’m sure your readers had known you as “The Uncustomary Housewife” Maybe you can add another category that will show the chronicles of the new chapter in your life. (It’s my first time to read your blog and I’m starting to like it.) 🙂 Blog on, sister!

    • Thank you very much. The name has grown on me, and I think I’ve decided to keep it. The fact that it was my outlet makes me want to remain loyal to the name. We learn from hard times, and move on… but sometimes it’s nice to look back on them and see how strong we were.

      • Ken Montalba

        Great! Good for you. I’ll look forward to your posts. Also, I guess I’ll be spending most of the day reading your blog. 🙂

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