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A Tale of Two Commas

It was the best of punctuation, it was the worst of punctuation, it was the age of grammatical correctness, it was the age of illiteracy, it was the season of run-on sentences, it was the season of fragments, it was the spring of exclamation points, it was the winter of question marks, we had memoirs before us, we had biographies before us, we were all spell checking in Heaven, we were all autocorrecting in the other direction…

So, you want to know which punctuation mark I couldn’t write without, definitely the comma, which is why I rewrote the first sentence of “A Tale of Two Cities”… It is the perfect sentence, full of commas, and a perfect summary of the French Revolution; Therefore, I guess “A Tale of Two Commas” is a summary of the modern day Language Revolution.

“Comma, Comma, Comma, Chameleon”

12 comments on “A Tale of Two Commas

  1. “Comma, Comma, Comma, Chameleon” I actually laughed out loud! Love it!

  2. nice and funny! 😀

  3. Clever! wish I’d thought of it, no, I will simply enjoy yours.

    • Thank you. As soon as I read the prompt I thought about commas, which immediately made me think of A Tale of Two Cities. I guess that’s the dorky teacher side of me. I love your ice cream shop post! Thanks for reading.

  4. and such a clever picture! well done!

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  6. Tom Balistreri

    Very good! I agree with the comments above.

  7. Nira Jo Branham

    Funny !!

  8. That was clever and fun!

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