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When the phrase “will you take a picture for us?” fails

We’ve all done it at least once… We hand a complete stranger our camera and ask them to take a picture for us. Sometimes the picture is a keeper, and other times the entire process is a catastrophe.

While climbing the Great Wall of China I asked an Australian man to take a photo of my friends and I—he zoomed in so much that the Great Wall wasn’t in the shot whatsoever.

At Comic-Con my husband and I wanted a picture with a Stormtrooper, so we asked a guy dressed as Deadpool to take a picture for us. “Deadpool” was a nice guy, and he happily snapped a few photos for us. However, we later realized that he didn’t push the button hard enough for any of the photos to take. We ended up taking a selfie with the Stormtrooper.

The photo below is of my husband and I at Hilton Head, SC. A lovely old couple took it for us. After snapping this picture the old lady said, “I have to take another, the sun ruined it,” but after glancing at the photo I replied to her, “no it didn’t, it’s perfect.”



8 comments on “When the phrase “will you take a picture for us?” fails

  1. One of my daughters and I have a similar shot from Costa Rica. And it works. 🙂


  2. I love this and the stories of stranger photos gone wrong.

  3. I agree! It’s perfect. Love your anecdotes!

  4. awesome photo with nice story.

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