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A Teacher, Coach, and Housewife, Playing Chicken with the Train

Next time you see my husband ask him, “does Elizabeth ever go into ‘teacher mode’ at home?” He would have approximately a million stories about my irritating instructional techniques within our marriage. Example, let’s say my husband gives someone directions to our house, once his conversation is over I’ve been known to reply with a statement something like this, “Parker, let’s review that again, you could have explained the directions more effectively.” My husband, being the good sport that he is, buys into this and plays along… He probably does this because I’ve spent the last year unemployed and he knows that I miss teaching. He is a wonderful husband.

I go into competitive ‘coach mode’ a lot as well… Last weekend my husband and I went to a family fish fry, where we played “balloon toss”. You know the game (it’s normally played with eggs); partners toss a water balloon back and forth, taking a step back after every toss, the objective is to be the last couple standing by getting the greatest amount of tosses before your balloon explodes. While other couples ‘winged it’ I spent a majority of my time strategizing to improve our toss methods. Of course, we both had a ton of fun, and gave each other an encouraging kiss after each round, win or loose.

I guess you can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take the classroom out of the teacher. Sounds weird, but it’s true.

Daily Prompt: Worlds Colliding “There’s work you and home you… tell us about a time when two or more of your “yous” ran into each other.”

11 comments on “A Teacher, Coach, and Housewife, Playing Chicken with the Train

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  3. You would be the team I would like to play on! The Toss Balloon sounds so much more fun with a strategy (winging it is overrated after the first few minutes!!)

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  6. This is hilarious, and so so true of teacher families. It can be hard to switch off after work.

    • Its hard to switch off after work. But I actually find it harder to control during the summer, I can plan lessons and do professional development but I have no one to teach… So my husband gets to honor of being taught.

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  8. just a title speaks a lot. well appreciated. If you could add a pic, it would make it better thats what i believe. regards

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