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Is a Room Without a Fireplace a Room At All? Of Course… But.

My husband and I didn’t go on a honeymoon. We decided the money would be better spent on a starter home. It was love at first sight, a walk-in closet, large laundry room, and an open kitchen… only one problem; no fireplace.

Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise because it allowed us to design our own. During the weeks approaching our wedding I watched a beautiful stone fireplace be built in our living room. The perfect wedding gift from my husband to me.

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3 comments on “Is a Room Without a Fireplace a Room At All? Of Course… But.

  1. Nira Jo Branham

    Beautiful !!

  2. claudiareilly

    Hi there! I am a absolute fan of fireplaces like yours, they are just amazing and a all-round star the whole year through. No matter which time or season it is, fireplaces give a whole new face and a comfortness to every room 🙂 I know pairs, which decided to save theire money on the ceremony and spend it on the honeymoon-journey. But I never heard of some people saving the money for a house, but to be honest I think you have made a pretty good choise, well done! ❤

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