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Thor and The Avengers; Some “Twists” You Don’t Know

If I asked you what the Avengers “human names” are I bet you would mention Tony Stark as Iron Man, Steve Rogers as Captain America, and Bruce Banner as The Incredible Hulk. What I bet you wouldn’t mention is Dr. Don Blake, the human personality of Thor, the God of Thunder.

Everyone has seen the Avengers and Thor movies, but how many people have read the first Avengers Comic? If you had you would know that Thor’s first appearance on earth was not the one in the first Avengers’ movie. So, here is my best synopsis of Avengers, Vol. 1 #1.

In the year 1963 Thor was living on earth as a human, Dr. Don Blake; the “lame, mild-mannered treater of the sick and injured!” Thor left Asgard after he and Oden exiled Loki to the Barren Isle. But just like every evil bother Loki desired revenge for his exile, but knew revenge would mean nothing as long as Thor was living on earth as Dr. Don Blake.

Therefore, Loki devised a plan to make The Incredible Hulk look evil, even though Loki knew “that there was no evil in his [Hulk’s] heart.” Loki knew that Thor was the only one who could defeat The Hulk, so he knew this plan would force his brother out of hiding. Loki blew up a railroad bridge with TNT in order to frame The Hulk, and even though The Hulk repaired the track in time to save a train load of people he was still blamed for the bridge; Loki’s plan had worked. Thor came out of hiding.

BUT, with the help of Ant-Man and Wasp (two of the original Avengers), IronMan, and the Teen-Brigade Thor discovered that Loki was behind the bridge collapse. They quickly found The Hulk in hiding at a circus, and captured Loki.

ANOTHER TWIST: Wasp came up with the name The Avengers, as she states in Vol. 1 #1; our name should “be something colorful and dramatic, like… The Avengers or…” then the Ant-Man replied; “or nothing! That’s it! The Avengers!!”

ANOTHER TWIST: Captain America, known as “The First Avenger” doesn’t join The Avengers until Vol. 1 #4. He is called “The First Avenger” because he replaces The Hulk as one of the founders. But that’s a story for another time…


Thanks to WordPress for this Weekly Photo Challenge Prompt: “Twist” is filthy with meaning: it’s the unexpected, it’s surprise. What does “twist” mean to you?

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