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Eve and Mary, Happy Mother’s Day.

Being a mother is stressful, I’m not one, but I can assume… On this day every year we celebrate our own Mothers, Grandmothers, and Mother-in-Laws, but let’s not forget the following mothers;

Eve was created from Adam, but this post isn’t about Adam. We all know the story of “the Forbidden Fruit”, Eve was tempted to taste it, and Adam fell in line with Eve, getting the both banished from The Garden. Eventually, Eve becomes the “First Mother”, otherwise known as the “Mother of Humanity”, she had two sons; Cain and Abel. This is another story everyone knows; Cain, the tiller of the ground, kills Abel, the keeper of the sheep. Pretty sad. At this point it seems like Eve has a pretty bad track record. First she gets kicked out of Eden, then she has a son who kills his brother. However, (I bet you didn’t know this) she had a third son; Seth. According to Genesis 4:25 Eve states “God hath given me another seed, for Abel whom Cain slew”… Ya see, Seth is a descendent of Noah…. Noah; the guy who built the big boat, AKA Ark. He kinda saved humanity… Yea, I know, we all descended from Adam and Eve… But if Cain hadn’t slain Abel, then Eve may not have had Seth, resulting in no Noah. So that just proves, there is always a silver lining behind God’s plan.

Now, moving on to Mary. If you don’t know her story then you must have been hiding behind a rock your whole life. (That is a pun, based on Jesus’ time between death and resurrection.) Anyway, Virgin Mary trusted The Angel Gabriel and God enough to carry Jesus. Pretty awesome! I talked about what would have happened if Eve didn’t have Seth, but what would have happened if Mary hadn’t had Jesus? *Mind Blown*, right?

I have an amazing mother-in-law, and a mother that has toughed it out with me my entire life. I also have a few friends who are impeccable mothers…. But I think we all agree when I say that Mary deserves the “Greatest Mother of All Time” award.

I also don’t want to forget Sarah; wife of Abraham, and mother of the nation of Israel. Sarah was barren and conceived through a miracle in spite of her old age. Her faith serves as example to every person who has to wait on God to act. Another silver lining.

There is also Jochebed; the mother of Moses, Rebekah; wife of Isaac, Hannah; mother of Samuel the Prophet, Bathsheba; Wife of David (who I think has an awesome name), and Elizabeth; mother of John the Baptist. All amazing mothers and women, without them we would be poor of so much good in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day to all these women. Thank you for inspiring us with your faith.



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