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25 Things Kids These Days Will Never Fully Understand: Missing the 90’s

I grew up in the 90’s. Life is a lot different now than it was back then. However, I am bummed that we don’t ride on hoverboards like “Back To The Future” said we would. As a high school teacher I am sometimes amazed when students don’t understand my “old school references”; sometimes they don’t even believe me when I explain them. So, I’ve compiled a list of things kids these days will never fully understand. Enjoy!
(1) When you say “Star Wars Trilogy” they ask “which one?”.
(2) They don’t know the struggle of recording their favorite songs on the radio, on a cassette tape, and a boom box.
(3) They will never understand ejecting a cassette tape and flipping it to “side two”.
(4) They don’t have to find a floppy disk that is compatible with their desktop computer.
(5) Looking up a number in the phonebook means nothing to them.
(6) They don’t know the struggle of a hand Held CD Player skipping. Or rewinding the tape in their Walk Man.
(7) They don’t know how to write cursive, but that doesn’t matter, because they don’t have checkbooks.
(8) They’ve never had to roll down a car window.
(9) They don’t have to get off the internet to use the phone.
(10) They’ve never had to rewind a VHS tape.
(11) They’ve never had to blow in a Nintendo game to make it work.
(12) Thanks to the iPhone, they will never have to look things up in an encyclopedia.
(13) They will never have to use a glass thermometer to tell the weather.
(14) They will never know the joy of paint brush on an old desktop computer.
(15) They will never get to play with the edges of printer paper after they rip them off.
(16) They think LeBron is better than Jordan.
(17) They will never get to guess what “Hey Arnold’s” last name is.
(18) They will never have to roll a dial on a landline phone.
(19) They don’t have to experience the fear that their disposable camera photos won’t turn out, winding up the camera after taking a picture, or waiting for the flash to come on.
(20) They will never have to convince their parents to send in cereal box barcodes to get a prize in the mail.
(21) Now that there is DVR kids will never have to experience missing a show and waiting for the re-run, or attempting to set the VCR to record (which seldom worked).
(22) They don’t have to call in to put minutes on their TracFone.
(23) Thanks to GPS they will never need to read a huge paper map.
(24) Most of them don’t know that Justin Timberlake started out with N’Synk.
(25) They will never truly “shake it like a polaroid picture”.

I’m sure I missed a lot of great 90’s stuff, there is also stuff older than the 90’s that I’ll never understand. So if I left anything out, please comment.

12 comments on “25 Things Kids These Days Will Never Fully Understand: Missing the 90’s

  1. Awesome. I grew up in the 90s too. The one I miss the least I think is having to roll down the car window. It was such a struggle for me for some reason haha.

  2. I remember flipping cassettes and I just hated when the tape would come out of the cassatte and get tangled inside the player. What a horror! 😛


    • Pulling the tape out of the boom box and rolling it back into the cassette was almost impossible. I lost so many awesome songs that way. Thanks for reading.

  3. Number 1 breaks my heart. 😀

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  5. This is fitting. I was being nostalgic about the 90s today myself.

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  9. So did I….I still remembered watching 21 Jump Street, MacGyver, Counter Strikes, The X-Files, Growing Pains, Full House, and many more American shows besides my own country’s shows.. 🙂

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