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Between the Sheets With Peanut Butter: Things Newlyweds Need to Know

We all have preferences. Some are negotiable. Some are non-negotiable… I always say that “marriage is the greatest of all adventures,” and after a year of marriage I still stand behind that statement. But marriage isn’t all sunshine and rainbows– so here are some of the “preference discussions” my husband and I have encountered thus far. Enjoy!

(1) Time to Do Number Two: Should our toilet paper roll over or under?
(2) Sticky Situation: Will we buy crunchy or creamy peanut butter?
(3) Motion Picture Sleeping: Will we sleep with the TV on or TV off?
(4) Personal Commentary: Is it okay to talk during movies, or should we wait till after?
(5) Between the Sheets: Will we use a ‘between sheet’ or just sleep with the fitted sheet and blanket?
(6) Caffeine Addiction: Will we make a pot of dark roast or donut shop in the morning? And what creamer will we use?
(7) Do You Like it Hott?: What should the thermostat’s default setting be?
(8) Road Rage: Who gets control of the car radio?
(9) Confused Cow: 2% Milk or Skim?
(10) Squeeze Me: Will we roll up the toothpaste, squeeze the end, or we will be mid-tube squeezers?

Luckily we already agree on the important stuff; Angel Soft is the best Toilet Paper, Windex can solve 99.9% of cleaning needs, Kentucky Basketball is where it’s at, and you can never have too many comic books.

So, what’s non-negotiable for you?

5 comments on “Between the Sheets With Peanut Butter: Things Newlyweds Need to Know

  1. I think the temperature of the room is the one we most disagree on.

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