Mental Health

The Bipolar Mind: In Fifty Words

Phase one:
You feel like you own the world,
You’re capable of anything…
No, everything.

Phase two:
Everything seems impossible,
Waking up is a chore.
Even when you’re surrounded by support.


No one understands, to them “you’re moody”.
You wish it was that simple.

The bipolar mind.

25 comments on “The Bipolar Mind: In Fifty Words

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  14. I really like this post. It’s such a precise post but the message is loud and clear. I’m only now coming to terms that these kind of phases that I’ve been dealing with are never going to completely go away. That intermediate stage where everything is fine (neither manic/depressive) that also drive me crazy, it’s like hey! everything’s perfect, nothing’s wrong with me, of course until another ‘mood swing’ hits. Thanks for your post!

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