America: The Greatest Country Ever Stolen

I Have A Bone to Pick With ALL Americans

I have a bone to pick, not just with a few of you, but with all of you… So, here are a few items (most from the Social Issues side) of my “a lot of stuff is wrong with Our Land” list (in no particular order). Enjoy;

(1.) People who have strong opinions about things they don’t understand. If you want to debate it, have the discipline to become educated.

(2.) People that think the First Amendment means they can say whatever they want.

(3.) Teachers and coaches who don’t intervene when students and/or athletes are bullied. Or anyone who stands by idly neglecting to help someone in need.

(4.) People who use the Bible to support or justify acts of hate.

(5.) The two huge misconceptions American society has adopted;
(a) if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. Example; ‘If you disagree with homosexuality you automatically hate all homosexuals’. This is a ridiculous and misconceived concept.
(b) to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do.
Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate. (Rick Warren)

(6.) Abuse; emotional, physical, etc… Abuse in general. Additionally, the way people dismiss emotional abuse as if it isn’t abuse at all. Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can hurt forever.

(7.) Standard Based Education and the Teacher Tenure System; both prevent students from receiving the education they truly deserve… but those topics are both blogs of their own… Moving on.

(8.) People who bring race, gender, ethnicity, etc… into situations where they don’t belong;
(a) last year, during the presidential election, I gave all my students a political option quiz. 87% of African American students stated that they would vote for Obama because of his skin color. Out of that 87% only 12% knew he was a Democrat. [This is an educational and parenting issue– and is in no way the fault of the students.]
(b) if a white person admits that they didn’t vote for Obama they are considered (by some) ‘a racist’. And if a woman votes for Hillary she is considered (by some) ‘a feminist’. Sadly though, in some cases, these accusations are true.

(9.) The amount of money that teachers, family doctors, nurses, and other service providers make in comparison to professional athletes, famous musicians, and actors.

(10.) After I finished my list googled the phrase “Things Wrong With America”; an article titled “12 Things Wrong with America” was the first link to appear… This was the first sentence of the article; “There are a lot of girls in the 5 range. These are girls who would be 7′s if they lost weight and purchased a beauty kit.”
I thought my search would lead me to an article about Taxes, Homelessness, the Economy, Rehabilitation Programs, Gay Marriage even…. But nope.
So I guess that gives me two more bones to pick; (11.) American’s inadequate idea of what is wrong with our Country, and (12.) American’s erroneous view of beauty.

In conclusion, WAKE UP America! If you’re gonna quote the Bible, read the Bible. If you want to “say whatever you want”, read the First Amendment. If you want your kids to truly learn, give them the tools to succeed in life. If you want Americans to vote based on candidate ability and not pointless matters then educate them while they are young– and hopefully they will pass that education on to their children. The future has to start today.

So, why did I want to pick this bone with “all” Americans, and not just the guilty ones? Because everyone; big or small, black or white, American or Foreign, gay or straight, rich or poor, has the power to change the world. Start with one person, start with yourself.

If you’re still reading, thank you. I appreciate it. Spread the word.

9 comments on “I Have A Bone to Pick With ALL Americans

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  2. I agree with you on all points. Number 3 point is so true. When I was in elementary school, there was a girl that would pick on me every single day. She wouldn’t back off and kept on. When I tried to tell a teacher about it, she said, “Now, Susan. Don’t you be a tattle tell ‘cos no one likes them.” And made a big show of it in front of class.
    I really believe that was a pivotal point during my time in school because I was the quiet one. I rarely spoke at all which did get me satisfactory in conduct.
    As far as that girl, one day I just got sick of it and I got in her face screaming to leave me alone. I’m not really sure all I said but she did back off when I lost my temper. I hate doing that but the grown ups wouldn’t listen to me.
    But yeah. Excellent post and can’t wait to read more from you. 🙂

    • Far too often young people are put down by the people who are suppose to build them up, many teachers make the mistake of doing this. I was the object of ridicule a lot during my younger years, and countless times it happened in front of teachers who did nothing. It can make you feel alone.
      Now I’m a teacher. I take a tremendous amount of pride in creating a healthy learning climate for all types of students. Teaching students the importance of self respect, and respect for others is becoming a lost art. I know I can’t save the whole world; but maybe I can change it for a few people.

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  5. Very well said! How ignorant is that to pick a president because the color of her hair is red!

  6. The first amendment DOES mean you legally CAN say whatever you want. It does not mean you SHOULD say whatever you want. It only protects your rights. It’s not a substitute for using your brains.

    • Agree. But some types of speech are illegal and punishible by a fine and/or jail time: defamitory, seditions, clear-and-present danger, etc… Some people say illegal things and justify it by saying “it’s my First Amendment right.”

      • I’m not sure what would be illegal to say (as opposed to do) in this country. Not much. It’s not illegal to lie unless by doing so you are committing a fraud … and that would involve an exchange of goods and/or money. If you are just talking, I don’t think lying is illegal. Not even if you are the FBI or the President.

        Freedom to say something doesn’t imply it is a good idea or even decent. An awful lot of people think “my opinion is as good as anyone’s.” It isn’t, unless it’s based on something other than … opinion.

        The first amendment pretty much guarantees every moron the right to express his or her stupid, ignorant, worthless, bigoted opinions without fear of legal penalty. I believe it was assumed by our founding fathers that we had the intelligence to use our freedom with a modicum of commonsense, if not wisdom. They were over-estimating us.

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