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Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger

This week you requested a “Suspenseful ‘To Be Continued’ Story”. Remember; Things are never as they seem… Here we go. I’ll keep it simple, and a little corny.

They were closing in on him… Maybe not all of them; maybe a few had grown tired from the chase and stopped for a break. If not, he was sure to be caught. He scrambled frantically down hallways, which lead to more identical hallways. He couldn’t afford to run in circles, he needed to decipher his surroundings. After taking a deep breath he glanced up… skeletons! The room was full of skeletons, tools, and… knives, the type Sylvester Stallone would use in a Rambo movie. None of the skeletons were completely intact. Some were smashed—hit with hammers perhaps? He felt dizzy.

He came to a painstaking halt. He didn’t want to be here, with the leftovers of humans… but they… the ones chasing him… were not here, not down this monstrous hall. His throat felt as if it were in the bottom of his stomach. He swallowed back what was perhaps a result of exhaustion and nausea from the grotesqueness of the room.

He frantically found a hiding place, behind something, perhaps a box, he wasn’t sure… it was covered by a white bed sheet. He sat on the floor, exhausted and regretful… Thoughts rolling through his mind like a roller-coaster; “Why did he disobey his mother? Has she noticed his absence? Would she send people to look for him?” But those thoughts were soon muted when he heard his pursuer’s footsteps approaching. He wasn’t confident with his hiding place, although it had given him time to catch his breath. He stood up slowly and darted from the dark room. He found himself running down a long corridor, to his surprise there was a lit room at the end. He felt a jolt of energy hit him as he ran toward the lit room—could the light be coming from outside?

He was growing nearer… steps away, when one of his pursuers stepped from the lit room into the corridor, grabbing him. He could hear the others nearing behind him…. He had been caught. As he covered his face with his hands one of the pursuers laughed a deep laugh and said…..

Who is this boy? Where is he– skeletons and knives? Who was he running from, and why?….. Stay tuned…. (See the end of THIS POST for the conclusion… Yep, just scroll down).


Cliffhanger Suspense

Story continued…

“Tag, you’re it!”

Things are not always as they seem…. the kids had slipped away from their parents during a field trip to science museum. They were playing an innocent game of ‘Tag’ in the anatomy exhibit.

11 comments on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger

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  6. Brilliant! When does the next part get posted?

    • Story Continued…

      “Tag, you’re it!”

      Things are not always as they seem…. the kids had slipped away from their parents during a field trip to science museum. They were playing an innocent game of ‘Tag’ in the anatomy exhibit

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